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Glass Reception Desks

Create a reception that really reflects your brand with a designer desk or counter from our extensive range of high-quality glass reception desks. Glass reception desks are sleek, stylish and bring a contemporary feel to all workplaces, from corporate offices to clinic waiting rooms to college and university reception areas.

Whatever the size and shape of your welcome space, we have a glass desk solution. Just specify your preferred size, colour and straight or corner reception desk configuration. Looking for a glass reception counter, standing glass reception desk or matching office storage? Look no further.

Colour options to suit all reception spaces include white, black, silver. blue, yellow, turquoise, yellow and pink glass, with LED lighting, power sockets and cable management. And all our glass reception desks and counters benefit from our 5 year warranty.

  • Black lobby reception desk

    Alps reception desk | black glass

    Two person black glass reception desk in a geometric shaped pattern. White & silver glass desk front available.
    126w | 184w | 246w | + specials

  • Alps white corner reception desk

    Alps reception desk | corner

    White iceberg shaped glass corner reception desk. Glass colours include white, black & silver. LED down-light on all sizes. Available in left or right configurations.
    252w | 314w | 382w cm + specials

  • 2 person Silver glass reception desk

    Alps reception desk | silver glass

    Two person silver glass reception desk with a geometric shaped pattern. White & silver glass desk front available.
    126w | 184w | 246w | + specials

  • Alps white desk

    Alps reception desk | white glass

    White geometric shaped reception desk. White, black or silver glass desk front.
    126w | 184w | 246w | + specials

  • Lina black glass reception desk

    Lina glass desk | black

    Black glass reception desk with LED down light & stainless plinth. Panel colours include silver, white, turquoise & pink.
    275w cm + smaller sizes

  • lina white glass reception desk

    Lina glass desk | NEW

    Modern U-shaped glass reception desk. Front panel colours include black, white, silver, turquoise, yellow or pink.
    245w cm + smaller sizes

  • Designer silver glass reception desk

    Lina glass desk | silver

    Silver glass reception desk with LED down light. Glass colours include black, white, turquoise, yellow and pink.
    164w | 244w cm

  • Lina blue reception desk

    Lina glass desk | turquoise

    Glass reception desk with LED down light. Front panel is shown with a special blue geometric pattern.
    164w cm + larger sizes

In the average company, it’s likely that the majority of your office furniture needs to be practical.

Designed in a generic enough style that can be repeated throughout the entire company and be adaptable to the widest possible number of employees and situations. Often, the only desk furniture that you can really run wild with, design wise, will be the front desk at reception. This is where clients, prospects and new employees gain their very first impressions of your company, and as what is often the most imposing piece of furniture in the reception space, the right choice of front desk will help to make sure that their early opinions are favorable.


A great way to showcase a reception is with a designer glass desk.

Sleek, contemporary and shiny, a glass reception desk works in the vast majority of entrances, from traditional to modern to cutting-edge designer. Glass desks have the ability to work with all interior design styles and will look well-proportioned in even the tightest spaces.


The reception desk needs to stand out so that visitors know where to go.

For this reason it’s accepted and encouraged for the reception desk design to be a little more cutting-edge than standard. This desk is an opportunity to really showcase your brand and have a little fun with your furnishings. Our range of beautifully finished glass desks are created with busy spaces in mind and are all designed to be hard wearing and practical as well as looking great.


Built-in lighting for a beautifully reflective finish to attract visitors.

Glass desks come in a variety of shades, from the ‘goes with everything’ glossy black and white and silver to myriad hues including yellows, pinks and blues. With some styles it’s possible to have different colours for front and side panels.

Clever finishing touches like aluminium kick panels and chrome trims can be incorporated for extra durability, and of course our glass reception desks, like all of our office furniture, are covered by the Spaceist 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind.