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Modern meetings need always available data and power connections. A typical meeting or conference with multimedia presentations could require everything from UK plugs, USB chargers and data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI VGA and VGA stereo. Smart solutions are required.

Our hidden plug sockets and wireless phone chargers for meeting room tables are designed to be long lasting and fully functional without sacrificing aesthetics or ergonomics.

Choose finishes that complement your brand style: round or rectangular, rotating, flip-top or pop-up in executive-style brushed stainless steel or white, black, red, blue and orange colour options. Our 2-8 UK plug socket and USB chargers and data ports can be fitted into meeting room table tops or come as freestanding modular designs, suitable for all meeting, conference and boardroom tables - large or small.

All options are beautifully designed, high quality and made in the UK.

  • Wireless charger for desk

    Arc Wireless Charger

    Quick wireless charging point for breakout, touchdown & short-stay areas. The charger works with both Samsung 10W & Apple 7.5W charging modes.
    90mm diameter

  • cable hatch with plug points

    Axxess Plug + USB Socket Point

    Economical desk or meeting table plug & socket point.
    291 x 145 mm

  • Flush plug + USB sockets

    Axxess Plus Plug + USB Socket Point

    Plug socket unit that fits flush to the table top. Colours include natural aluminium or to match the top colour. All types of plug & USB sockets can be used.
    410 x 120 mm

  • axxess plus plug unit with walnut top

    Axxess Plus Plug + USB Socket Point | Walnut

    Axxess plug unit with walnut inlay to match the desk top colour. This plug point is modular so any type of socket can be added including USB, Video and standard plug socket.
    410 x 120 mm

  • Large round grommet with plug sockets

    HX Round 6 Plug Socket Unit

    Large round in-desk socket unit with 6 sockets points. Socket options include UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA stereo.
    234.5 mm diameter

  • Pandora Plug + USB Rotating Socket

    Rotating plug & USB socket for meeting tables or office desks. Options include UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA stereo. Tool free fitting.
    136.30 mm diameter

  • Pop-up UK plug socket for desk designer

    Pascal Pop-up Plug Socket

    Popup desk and meeting table plug & USB socket unit. Tool-free fitting to any 80mm grommet hole. Choose from white or black.
    1, 2 or 3 sockets

  • Flexible USB charger for desk

    Pendulum Flexible Plug + USB Socket

    Free standing plug or USB charging point with a flexible power cord. Available in 10 colours with a white or black cover.
    150 x 66 mm

  • White round plug entranet socket desk

    Pixel Desk Plug + USB Socket

    Small & compact desk top power point that can be fitted into any 80mm cable hole. Options – UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA stereo.
    90mm diameter | 15.3mm high

  • Orange round sphere USB charging point

    Planet Ball Plug + USB Socket

    Ball shaped UK plug & USB charging point which is easily fixed to the desk or meeting table top with a tools free locking nut.
    140mm diameter | 127mm high

  • White designer USB charging point

    Pluto Plug + USB Socket

    Desktop UK plug socket, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA and VGA stereo. Choose from 10 satin colours.
    140mm diameter | 78mm high

  • four plug socket meeting table

    Podium Plug + USB Socket | Steel Finish

    Stainless steel UK plug & USB socket with 4 or 2 modular sockets. Fits most meeting table tops. USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA stereo.
    169.5 x 83 mm | 275 x 83 mm

  • Large cable hatch silver

    Tardis Large Plug + USB Socket Point

    Large in-top unit with 8 socket points. Choose from UK plug, USB data, USB charging & video. Standard colour is aluminium.
    293 x 150 mm