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93 green and purple fabric reception sofas

Our stylish and durable office sofas and corner reception sofas look fantastic in lobbies, client meeting rooms and office receptions. They can combine with matching reception chairs and complementary office reception desks and coffee tables for a complete furniture solution.

Pick the perfect size and shape from a wide range of hard wearing, wipe-clean fabric, faux leather or leather materials that will stay looking good for years, and match your brand and logo colours with colour swatches available.
Our office sofas are crafted in the UK, Sweden and Italy and are Crib 5 fire rated with a 5 year warranty.

Ask about fuss-free delivery to the North of England, South West, Wales and Scotland. Some office sofas can even be assembled on site, so there’s no need to worry about access.

Explore our range of: Corner Reception Sofas | Designer Reception Sofas | High Back Sofas | Modular Reception Sofas

  • 102 retro modular sofa in green fabric

    102 modular office sofa

    New 50’s style modular reception sofa. There are over 60 fabric colours to choose from & 2 base colours.
    Various sizes

  • Grey office sofa pink cushions

    17 Three Seater Sofa

    Simple & hard wearing three seater office sofa in a grey fabric. Suitable for office reception, waiting & breakout rooms.
    260w | 93d | 63h | 33h seat cm

  • Blue corner sofa with curved seat

    18 corner sofa | curved seat

    Modern corner office sofa with a curved corner seat. Choose from a large range of faux leather and wool fabric colours.
    164 x 164 | 225 x 225 cm

  • 18 grey office reception sofas

    18 office sofa

    Office sofa in red, orange, green, blue & purple plus many more fabric and faux leather colours.
    153w | 213w cm

  • 213 lobby style bench seating in orange and yellow

    213 bench sofa | NEW

    Colourful beam seating in red, orange & yellow. Over 100 fabric & hard wearing faux leathers to choose from.
    181w | 240w cm

  • 221 colourful low and high seating for laptop

    221 modular sofa | NEW

    Modular reception sofa with a back to back seat. Fabrics include pink, orange, brown, grey, dark grey, lime, red, black and blue.
    52w cm

  • two seater purple/red sofa

    26 Reception Sofa

    The 26 sofa is a high quality sofa which is designed specifically for corporate reception areas. The frame, foam & upholstered material are made to last in high use areas.
    151w | 214w | 255w cm

  • 34 red fabric office reception sofas

    34 office sofa

    High-end office reception sofa in red, brown, orange, green, blue, purple & many more fabric colours. Brushed stainless steel base.
    164w | 227w | 268w cm …

  • half circle sofa

    46 circle sofa

    Modern half circle office sofa in a large range of faux leather & fabric colours.
    164 | 328 cm

  • 46 dark grey office reception sofas

    46 office sofa system

    Dark grey reception corner sofa also in orange, lime, purple, black, blue, pink & many more fabric & vinyl colours.
    171w | 231w | 291w cm …

  • 46 Split Reception Sofa

    Reception sofa with a side table dividing the two modular units. Options include matching or contrasting buttons & optional power sockets.
    310w | 78d | 60h | 36h seat cm

  • Simple and compact grey office sofa

    86 compact sofa

    Compact and cost effective office sofa in over 60 colours.
    145w | 67d | 82h | 43h seat cm

  • 93 green and purple fabric reception sofas

    93 sofa system

    Colourful office sofa in red, orange, green, blue, purple and many more fabric and faux leather colours.
    180w | 270w | 360w cm

  • bernard grey office corner sofa

    Bernard corner sofa

    The Bernard office corner sofa can be covered in a range of fabric colours including red, orange, pink, blue, lime & black.
    245 x 212 cm

  • bernard grey 3 seater office reception sofa

    Bernard office sofa

    The Bernard sofa can be upholstered in a large number of colourful fabrics. Matching armchair & corner sofa.
    115w | 195w | 245w cm

  • Bob plastic reception sofa in red, white and dark grey

    Bob plastic sofa | NEW

    Plastic economical reception sofa in red, black or white. Aluminium leg is powder coated to match seat colour. Matching chair.
    113w cm

  • Buddy Office Sofa | 3 Seater

    New office sofa from the Buddy reception furniture range. Choose from over 60 fabric or faux leather colours.
    248w | 90d | 73.5h | 42h seat cm

  • High-back office reception sofa in grey fabric

    High back office sofa

    High back modular office sofa can be upholstered in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of fabrics.
    90w | 130w | 190w cm + specials

  • King circular reception sofa in red and grey fabric

    King circular sofa | NEW

    Semi-circle office sofa in two-tone red & grey fabric. Fabric options include over 60 colours.
    230w cm

  • Log compact reception sofa in blue

    Log reception sofa

    New tub style wide reception sofa. Seat colours include red, lime green, brown and black.
    136w cm

  • spaceist purple cubes U shape booth

    Modular Cubes | purple corner

    Purple modular reception sofa system. Colours include red, blue, orange, pink or purple plus a selection of vinyls.
    82cm cube | 1/4 circle cube

  • red corner modular cube booth seating

    Modular Cubes | red corner

    Red modular reception sofa system. Colours include red, blue, orange, pink or purple plus a selection of vinyls.
    82cm cube | corner cube

  • Modular Sofa with button back

    Modular Sofa | button back

    Modular sofa with a button back which can contrast or match the fabric seat colour. Over 60 colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • green modular sofa with round coffee tables

    Modular Sofa | corner seat

    Dark grey modular sofa with large round foot stools and red cushions. Seat comes in red, blue, orange or pink plus a range of fabrics.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • orange two tone modular reception sofa

    Modular Sofa | orange high back

    High back orange reception sofa can be upholstered in red, blue, orange or pink plus a selection of fabrics.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • green stripey modular reception sofa

    Modular Sofa | stripey | high back

    Stripey green modular system. Colours include red, orange, grey, purple, pink or blue & many more.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • Play red and pink office sofa

    Play modular sofa | NEW

    Modular office sofa with multicolored back cushions in over 60 colours. Chrome, black, silver or white leg.
    Unit size 180w cm

  • spaceist plural white green bench seating

    Plural bench sofa

    Modular reception bench with a pink, orange, brown, grey, dark grey, lime, red, black or blue fabric seat. Shell in white, grey or black.
    225w | 285w | 405w cm

  • Race purple & grey reception furniture

    Race office sofa

    New office reception sofa in over 64 wool fabric colours. Matching high-back version.
    145 or 201w | 80d | 80h | 44h seat cm

  • Race high back ribbed reception sofa

    Race office sofa | high-back

    New high-back office reception sofa in over 64 wool fabric colours. Matching chair.
    157 or 213w | 86d | 128h | 44h seat cm

  • Reform modular sofa | NEW

    Modular sofa suitable for doctor, clinic or dentist reception areas. Can be upholstered in antibacterial faux leather.
    Unit size – 60w cm

  • Spaceist Social red office sofa 1

    Social modular sofa

    Modular reception sofa in pink, orange, brown, grey, dark grey or lime fabric. Leg in black, red or aluminium.
    131w | 190w | 249w cm

  • Social modular black reception sofa

    Social modular sofa | black

    Modular reception sofa in pink, orange, brown, grey, dark grey or lime fabric. Leg in black, red or polished.
    119w | 178w | 237w cm

  • Sofa with pink cushions

    Social Modular Sofa | Plus

    Comfortable modular office sofa which can installed into any office with limited access.
    153w | 224w | 295w cm

  • zip high back reception sofa

    Zip high backed sofa

    High back sofa that insulates the user from office & reception background noise.
    142w cm

Creating a welcoming entrance space without sacrificing style.
A reception space can be intimidating, especially when it’s extremely spacious with high ceilings, large expanses of glass and tiled or highly polished floors. Architecturally stunning and show stopping as these sleek spaces and surfaces might be, it’s important to remember to add some softness for a human touch, and designer soft furnishings can be a great way to achieve this. Adding sofas and padded chairs not only creates some private spaces for guests, it can help to improve the acoustics of the overall room too, damping down sound, making things a little less echoey and creating a greater feeling of comfort for everyone. By selecting designer styles in custom colours and durable finishes, your corporate soft furnishings will work in complete harmony with even the grandest of reception spaces.

Hard-wearing soft furnishings.
Commercial furniture is very different to what we might buy for our homes. In a reception space particularly, while of course you want your visitors to be comfortably seated, they’re not going to settle in for hours. Commercial furniture needs to be specifically designed to accommodate large numbers of people in short bursts, stay looking great despite the high traffic, not require hours of rearranging and plumping up in between visitors and be extra hard wearing. It also needs to adhere to strict fire regulations (ours do) and be sensibly proportioned enough to work in all spaces and give you the freedom to rearrange things as and when required.

Take the stress out of buying sofas.
We’ve been in the business of design led commercial furniture since 2006, so there’s very little we can’t advise on when it comes to buying office sofas and armchairs. Whether you’re looking for traditional designs or cutting-edge styles in eye-catching colours, we’ll be able to suggest a sofa solution. Ask about our space planning and colour matching services and learn how we can help you to incorporate branding and make the best possible use of space and budgets. We’ll help you to find exactly the right office sofas for your workplace, with options for modular, part-assembled or compact designs to make delivery and assembly really easy.