Colourful reception chairs

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  • Three reception chairs

    22 reception chair

    Simple reception chair can be upholstered in many different fabric colours including red, orange, green, blue, black & grey.
    61w | 61d | 48h seat cm

  • Tub chair with a brass leg

    22 Reception Chair | Brass Leg

    Tub Reception chair with a sloped arm & brass sled leg. Choose from 100's of fabric or leather colours. Leg also comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • Yellow chair in retro fabric

    22 Reception Chair | Cantilever Leg

    Reception chair with a tub style seat & black cantilever leg in black. Choose from 100's of fabric or leather colours. Leg comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • 22 Reception Chair | Swivel 4-star Base

    Tub Reception chair with a sloped arm & brass sled leg. Choose from 100's of fabric or leather colours. Leg also comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • 34 red fabric office reception sofas

    34 reception chair

    The 34 is a smart & modern reception chair with an attractive stainless steel leg feature. Chair can be covered in various colours.
    91w | 88d | 70h | 40h seat cm

  • Triangle spaced seating

    42 Geometric Seating

    Geometric reception seat in a fabric or faux-leather. The range is modular & comes in 7 different shapes to be arranged in any configuration.
    Various sizes cm

  • 44 red fabric office reception chairs

    44 swivel armchair

    High visual impact & striking originality are the features of the 44 reception chair. The swivel base has a self returning mechanism.
    80w | 90d | 95h | 35h seat cm

  • spaceist 55 colourful reception chairs

    55 curvy chair

    Curvy upholstered modular chair. Seat comes in red, orange, lime, green, blue & black plus many more fabric and vinyl colours.
    55w | 80d | 79h | 33h seat cm

  • 55 pink reception chairs

    59 reception chair

    Low & colourful reception chairs in pink wool fabric. Seat colours include red, orange, blue, grey, black or lime green.
    73w | 74d | 72h | 39h seat cm

  • Green & pink reception chairs

    59 Reception Chair | Star Base

    Lounge style reception chair in wool fabric, wipeable faux leather or natural leather. Base colours include polished aluminium, chrome & black. High-back version available.
    73w | 74d | 72h | 39h seat cm

  • 67 red reception chairs

    67 reception chair

    The 67 is a compact reception chair available in many bright fabrics, leathers or faux leathers. Shown with 93 sofas.
    67w | 67d | 54h | 38h seat cm

  • 86 high green reception chair

    86 reception chair | NEW

    Designer reception chair in red, lime green, blue, purple, yellow, grey, black & pink plus over 100 fabric colours.
    68w | 67d | 111h | 43h seat

  • Babila Reception Chair | Sled Leg

    Reception chair with a sled style leg & upholstered seat in fabric, faux-leather or real leather. To match a brand or logo colour please contact Spaceist.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 62h arm | 44h seat cm

  • Blue reception chair

    Babila Reception Chair | Swivel Seat

    Design-led swivel reception chair with a high back & armrests. The Babila can be upholstered in fabric, faux-leather & real leather.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 62h arm | 44h seat cm

  • Pink chair closeup

    Babila Reception Chair | Wood Leg

    High back reception chair with a curved armrest & solid wood legs. Choose from over 60 fabrics, faux leathers & real leathers.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 62h arm | 44h seat cm

  • Pink bubble chair

    Buddy bubble chair

    Designer art-deco reception chair in red, pink, blue, grey, black, white, brown & green. Matching sofa, ottoman & side table.
    55w | 62d | 40 or 45h seat cm

  • cape purple reception chairs

    Cape purple reception chair

    Retro reception chairs in purple, red, orange, lime and green plus many more contract fabric & faux leather colours.
    52w | 60d | 77h | 47h seat cm

  • Red + orange reception chair

    Catifa 80 chair | sled base

    Stylish reception with a sled style leg in fabric, faux leather or leather.
    85w | 69d | 71.5h | 39.5h seat cm

  • eighty black red reception chairs

    Catifa 80 chair | swivel base

    Stylish Italian reception chair in fabric, faux leather or leather. Colours include red, white & black.
    80w | 69d | 69.5h | 38h seat cm

  • Comet grey tub reception chair

    Comet reception chair

    Egg shaped chair in orange, lime, red, purple, light blue or blue. Base in chrome, white, black and 60 colours.
    64w | 71d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • Float high back reception chair in green fabric

    Float reception chair | NEW

    High back green reception chair in wool fabric. There are over 500 different colours to match your brand colour.
    90w | 90d | 130h | 43h seat

  • Grey flow library chairs

    Flow reception chair

    Low rounded reception chair in orange, red, grey, purple, black & pink plus many colours.
    88w | 94d | 81h | 42h seat cm

  • gliss white reception chairs

    Gliss reception chair

    Designer low reception chair with a white star & sled base. Seat in glossy white.
    81w | 72d | 70h | 40h seat cm

  • Inga blue and black reception chair

    Inga reception chair

    Cost effective modern reception chair in a range of colours. Leg comes in black, white or chromed steel.
    62w | 60d | 71h | 44.5h seat cm

  • largo pink and blue reception chairs

    Largo reception chair

    Grey fabric reception chair with chrome star base. Faux leather in red, green, orange, black or grey plus many more colours.
    61w | 61d | 75h | 46h seat cm

  • Layer high back blue reception chair

    Layer high back chair

    High backed layered reception chair shown in blue fabric. Over 60 fabric colours are available from our grade one range.
    90w | 78d | 106h | 43h seat cm

  • little apollo reception chairs

    Little Apollo chair

    Classic meeting chairs in red, green, orange, black or purple plus many more fabric & leather colours.
    68w | 61d | 84h | 46h seat cm

  • Log tub style reception chair in red, yellow and grey

    Log reception chair | NEW

    New tub style reception chair. Seat colours include red, lime green, brown & black fabric. Can be covered in faux leather.
    56w | 54d | 78h | 46h seat cm

  • Log wide reception chair in yellow

    Log reception chair | wide

    New tub style wide reception chair. Colours include red, lime green, brown and black. Can be covered in faux leather.
    80w | 77d | 80h | 40h seat cm

  • Black and grey reception chairs

    Malmo reception chair

    Wood reception chair in natural, black or grey stained ash. The frame is made from solid wood with a plywood seat & back.
    72w | 61d | 70h | 42h seat cm

  • Media blue reception chair with a chrome base

    Media reception chairs

    Spoon shaped reception chairs in a two-tone fabric. Fabric colours include lime, red, green, orange, black or purple.
    60w | 62d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • modular cube round reception chairs

    Modular Circular Chair

    Red circle reception chair in red, blue, orange, pink, black or white plus a large selection of colours.
    Unit shown – 1/4 circle cube

  • purple modular reception chairs

    Modular Sofa | purple chair

    Square vinyl soft seating with trumpet style reception table. Colours include lime, green, black, grey, orange + 60 colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • Monopod red and black leather reception chair

    Mono-pod leather chair

    Sculptural shaped leather reception chair in black, asphalt, chocolate, marron, red, sand & snow.
    48w | 41d | 78h | 37h seat cm

  • nimrod colourful reception chairs1

    Nimrod chair | One Property Group

    Retro style reception chairs in orange, green, yellow or purple wool fabric. Plastic shell comes in a white scratch resistant finish.
    62w | 86d | 80h | 40h seat cm

  • Osaka retro reception chair red

    Osaka Reception Chair

    Retro styled office reception chairs upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather. The solid ash wood arm rests are finished in a clear lacquer.
    70w | 60d | 72h | 58h arm | 41h seat cm

  • Oxo chair

    OXO Reception Chair

    OXO shaped reception chair that is interconnecting & can form a long single seat. Choose from wool fabric, faux leather or natural leather.
    90w | 78d | 73h | 41h seat cm

  • Interconnecting chairs

    OXO Reception Seat

    OXO reception seating that is can be pushed together to form a long single seat. Hard wearing wool fabric or wipeable faux leather.
    90w | 78d | 41h cm

  • Shima reception seat with small round table

    Shima seat + table

    Round reception seat in purple, red, yellow, white, dark grey, black & lime. Base in white, black, chrome + 64 colours.
    65w | 47h seat | 69h table cm

  • speed orange fabric reception chairs

    Speed EC chairs | orange

    Red low reception chair in fabric & vinyl. Seat can be upholstered in lime, red, orange, grey, pink or purple plus over 60 vinyl colours.
    70w | 50d | 71h | 39h seat cm