Locking Office Cabinets

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Locking office cabinets

Secure office storage

Locking office cabinets are the essential storage companion for all sorts of workplaces. And in the age of flexible working and hot desks - everyone needs secure, short-term office storage.

Personal under-desk cabinets

Dedicated desk dwellers will thank you for a useful under-desk office cabinet with lock to keep essential papers that need to be kept close to hand as well as personal belongings - and desktops stay clutter free.

Employees who work with sensitive or confidential information can keep it safely stowed away overnight or during breaks, without having to waste time returning to central filing several times a day.

Staff lockers

Choose from staff lockers, high and low storage and pedestals that stow neatly underneath desks with drawer or filing storage options. For even greater value, some lockable cabinets can even double as room dividers and have built-in acoustic panels which will help to reduce noise in busy open-plan areas.



Locking Office Cabinet FAQs

How do the cabinets lock?

Each locking storage cabinet comes with a key operated lock. Two sets of keys come with the units as standard with the option of ordering extra sets of keys for spares and for multiple users.

What are the standard sizes?

Each range comes in a range of standard and bespoke sizes depending on the application. We have listed a guide below.

  1. Low cabinets: 82h x 80w x 47d cm
  2. Medium cabinets: 122h x 80w x 47d cm
  3. High cabinets: 162h x 80w x 47d cm
  4. Extra high cabinets: 202h x 80w x 47d cm

Please note the extra high cabinets need to be connected to a wall or solid surface to prevent tipping. Contact us for information on bespoke office cabinet sizes to suit your space.

How many shelves do the cabinets come with?

Below is the standard amount of shelves the office storage cabinets come with. The shelves are made from laminated engineered wood and are suitable for standard office items. For heavier items metal shelves are available.

  • Low cabinet / 82cm high: 1 shelf included
  • Medium cabinet / 122cm high: 2 shelves
  • High cabinet / 162cm high: 3 shelves
  • Extra high cabinets / 202cm high: 4 shelves

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