Colourful bar stools

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  • avanto red green pink modern bar stoolsavanto red green pink modern bar stools

    Avanto bar stool | Bishop Ramsey school

    Lacquered seat in white, black, red, grey, blue, yellow, charcoal, grey blue, olive, lime and pink.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • babar plastic bar stoolsBabar stool black + white

    Babar bar stools

    Plastic adjustable seat in red, black, white, light grey or chocolate. Brushed chrome base.
    65h | 77h seat cm

  • White stacking stool with backBabila range

    Babila stool

    Modern cost effective stool in white, yellow, sand, dark grey, orange-pink & black. Matching chair.
    51w | 48d | 66 or 76h seat cm

  • bombo red plastic bar stools

    Bombo bar stools

    Distinctive retro design. Tough, sculpted plastic seat. Elliptical steel foot-rest, chromed base.
    44w | 37d | 50-74h seat cm

  • catifa green plastic bar stools with chrome legCatifa46 multi coloured cafe stools with back

    Catifa sled bar stools

    Scratch resistant bar stool in white, green, black, red, light beige, beige, yellow, pink & blue.
    62w | 54d | 64h or 76h seat cm

  • Red stool closeupWhite and red stool

    Dom stool

    Simple and cost effective stacking stool in black, dark grey, light grey, white & red.
    44w | 42d | 65 or 76h seat cm

  • Blue high stoolsblue bar stools stackable

    Flx stool

    Simple stool with a colourful or plain seat. The Flx is stackable 4 high and there is a matching chair.
    58w | 48d | 97 or 107h | 64 or 74h seat cm

  • Frankie low and high stools in green fabricFrankie bar stool in red fabric

    Frankie stool | NEW

    Fabric seat colours include red, dark red, yellow, white, dark grey, black and lime.
    54w | 44d | 46h, 65h or 80h cm seat

  • gliss lime black tranlucent designer bar stoolsGliss red bar stools

    Gliss sled bar stools

    Plastic seat comes in clear, dark grey, lime and solid white or black. Matching cafe chair.
    53w | 55d | 65h or 77h seat cm

  • Kuadra white stacking bar stool

    Kuadra white stool

    Simple and economical bar stool with a white seat & chrome frame.
    51w | 55d | 92h | 77h seat cm

  • mya plastic red black orange bar stoolsCloseup

    Mya plastic bar stools

    Strong and hard wearing seat in black, red, white, sand or dark grey.
    44w | 57d | 75h seat cm

  • Nolita green and yellow steel stoolNolita yellow steel wire cafe stool

    Nolita stool | NEW

    Colourful outdoor stool in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey, blue…
    50w | 48d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • ondo green orange modern bar stoolsondo green orange modern bar stools

    Ondo bar stools

    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped seat in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink and orange.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • Saka industrial style black high stoolSaka pyramid style high cafe table

    Osaka wood stool

    Industrial style stool with a plywood seat. Seat finishes are ash, black, cognac & mahogany.
    50w | 47d | 75h or 65h seat cm

  • ST6N pink and black bar stoolsST6N pink and black bar stools

    ST6N bar stool | NEW

    Solid wood bar stool with a seat and back in black, fuchsia, pink, blue, white, brown or grey.
    43w | 53d | 114h | 63h or 80h seat cm

  • Volt dark grey + red bar stoolArk high black breakout table

    Volt stool | NEW

    Simple & cost effective stool in white, black, dark grey, beige, blue, yellow, red & orange.
    47w | 48d | 66h or 76h seat cm

  • weet yellow red and black designer bar stoolsWeet meeting chair with arms

    Weet bar stool

    Scratch resistant seat & glossy back in black, red, beige, dark grey, yellow, green & orange.
    52w | 52d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • Weet orange stacking bar stool with a black legWeet black cafe chair close-up

    Weet bar stool | orange

    Burnt orange bar stool with a scratch resistant seat and glossy back in white, black, beige & orange.
    52w | 52d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • High staff stool with back restBlack high stool with back

    Weet Bar Stool | Sled Leg

    Glossy & stacking high stool for cafe, breakout & public areas. Choose from 7 colours including red, orange, black & white.
    57w | 54d | 110h | 75h seat cm