Wood works: Four Tech offices with wooden interior elements



Some of the leading companies in the world are Tech based, ranging from Twitter to Facebook to more innovative and service led firms like GoCardless and Yelp. Here we delve into the workplace design of four tech companies and explore how the use of wood and wooden furnishings enhances the interior spaces of these young and vibrant company workplaces. With variations on budgets and workforce sizes, each office presents its own interpretation of the modern industrial-inspired workplace with a combination of high-tech facilities and rustic, untreated surfaces.

Student Cribs, London

1.studentcribs offices wood design interiors spaceist

Image credit: Angus Pigott

Working to find great quality student accommodation in the capital, Student Cribs is based in a modern and appealing office space that reflects its high-level service. The office space is characterised with industrial elements that adds to the edgy finish of the interior. The use of wood sets a warm undertone to the industrial feel of the space, providing a modern finish to the bare brick walls, hanging down-lights. The bare wooden floors have been finished with a white-wash look to add brightness into the space. Bespoke work desks have been made with metal base frame and slid wooden tops further enhancing the eclectic feel of the office spaces, from the workstations to the meeting rooms.

GoCardless, London

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Image Credit: Tom Fallon

In efforts to keep budgets to a minimum, the office spaces for GoCardless in London have been designed with elements that allows the spaces to be clutter free in a contemporary design standard. The large open spaces have been separated with semi-permeable divisions with the use of clever wooden screens with multi-functional properties. This allows the large spaces to be separated yet remained connected to the rest of the workplace. Whiteboards have been inserted into some of the wooden screens for support within the informal meeting and shared spaces. One of the highlights is the wooden auditorium style seating structure that has been created in the centre of the space for team training and conference purposes. This adds a great space for communal interaction and collaboration and a space for people to get away.

HomeAway, Texas

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Image Credit: Nick Simonite

One of the largest workplaces we look at today, the offices of tech giant HomeAway, is home to over 700 employees who benefit from a range of staff perks including highly comfortable breakout spaces, gym and fitness rooms, and a large open-plan kitchen and canteen area. To maintain a comfortable and enjoyable environment for high staff satisfaction, the interiors are warm and cosy with home-like elements. A larger part of this is the use of materials from soft furnishings to complement the use of wood in various ways. From the wooden ceiling banisters to the introduction of wooden furniture, a warm and vibrant feel has been created for a nature-inspired look.

Yelp, New York

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Image Credit: Thaddeus Rombauer

A sophisticated yet highly interactive workplace, the Yelp NYC office space is spread over two floors with a simple yet highly modern feel. Each of the spaces have been designed to offer its staff a great working environment, giving them a full range of social and interactive spaces. The spaces have been designed to allow for the fun and highly social workforce to get away from their desks to work in the multitude of spaces, which feature creative seating and working stations. Various materials make a play, including the use of wood to add a softer feel to the largely concrete interior. Wooden features have been used in the breakout spaces creating small informal meeting areas with the use of a moveable wooden screen with integrated seating. The use of wooden furniture further adds to the warm feel through the office and creates a continuous element through the two floors.