Wine down Friday: Five Modern Wine Bars



Whether you are a fan of red, white, dry or sparkling, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy a good glass of wine. Specialising in wines from all over the world, specialist and rare wines and organic wines, wine bars now allow you to sit back and allow the experienced and knowledgeable staff to tickle your wine palette. Here, we present a range of five wine bars that present the ideal atmosphere and setting for enjoying a glass of your favourite.

Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar, Poznań, Poland

Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar Poznan Poland Spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Marcin Ratajczak and Avantgarde Studios

A combination of areas, the Fiesta Del Vino wine bar in Poznań holds an impressive collection of wines from around the world together under one roof. Alongside a wine gallery and shop space, the bar features a wine bar area with tables and seating and a tapas bar. The two areas have been separated with iconic wooden wine racks creating a semi-permeable divide. The bold black and red themes coordinated with the white storage shelves and light grey floor adds to the disclosed nature of the interior. Small wooden tables and hanging down lights enhance the space and adds to the private atmosphere for each guest.


Divino Wine Bar, Hungary, Budapest

Divino Wine Bar Budapest Spaceist Blogpost
Image Credit: Zsolt Batar


Previously a restaurant, Divino Wine bar underwent a range of up cycling to create the modern and bold look of its new interiors. The new clients requested a low-budget redesign of the previous interiors, which featured large beige stonework and dull and dated tones. The masses of stone were simply repainted and the seating reupholstered to match the new darker and elegant look of the wine bar. To complement the deep shades, an extensive use of pine was introduced to cover walls, parts of the ceiling, and also used for the tables and benches. This cost-effective and creative idea reinvents the space into a sophisticated and mature wine bar interior.

Vino Veritas, Oslo, Norway

Vino Veritas ecologic restaurant Oslo Norway Spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas

Bringing a Spanish essence into the Norwegian capital Oslo, Vino Veritas specialises in serving organic wines and tapas of Spanish origin. An ecological restaurant and bar, we are welcomed by a stunning solid oak floor, pure white walls and a colour palette inspired by nature. The interiors also bring an essence of the Andalusian roots of the wine with furnishings from the old balcony railings to the baskets and rolling woven blinds, the wholesome theme adds a fresh and cozy atmosphere for avid drinkers of fine organic wine. Through flawless synergy of Norwegian architecture and Spanish craftsmanship, Vino Veritas sets a benchmark for alternative wine bar interiors.


Sager + Wilde, London, UK

sager wilde london wine bars Spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Sager and Wilde


Offering a selection of rare and exquisite wines, the interior of Sager + Wilde will fill you with awe, as will the wine menu. The inconspicuous exterior allows the bar to stand shoulder to shoulder within this off-the-grid section of Hoxton. Step inside and your gaze immediately falls on the stunning bar counter top; an old London pavement light. The raw industrial theme has been maintained with sophistication, with high bar stools and tables dotted along the window wall. Raw, uncovered brick walls and a simple metal wine rack enhances the edgy interiors. Sager + Wilde brings wine drinking to East London with refined style.


RED Pif, Prague, Czech Republic

RED Pif wine restaurant Prague Spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Jan Aulík and Jakub Fišer

An inviting atmosphere builds around a wholesome experience of wine indulgence, RED Pif has been designed with the visitor at the forefront. The mellow tones of the oak wooden floor complemented by a matching bar mirror the traditional interiors of a wine cellar. Large barrels decorate the main bar area whilst locally made traditional Czech chairs and tables furnish the main seating area. The comfortable essence of RED Pif is enhanced by the clever use of window blinds, cut in shapes of wine bottles, which can be controlled by the visitors. These allow guests to enhance the interior atmosphere by turning the blinds for less or more light. RED Pif represents a quintessential wine bar that has sustained traditional values for wine appreciation.