We spend a large part of the day at work and in the office. To make it welcoming, comfortable and a place that inspires its workforce, the increasing addition of art work or artist installations are becoming increasingly popular. Here, we explore the advantages of art and design in the workplace.

According to research by the British Council for Offices and the International Art Consultant, 6 out of 10 companies surveyed said art helped stimulate creativity in their teams and 9 out of 10 said art added a sense of welcoming into the workplace. Paintings and images allow people to avert concentration from the computer screen giving strained eyes a deserved break. Also, it is possible to use different types of artwork to create a feeling as per the area or space; welcoming in the reception, colourful and lively in the office, playful in the breakout area, etc. Research by American Art Resources suggest different types of art can have different effects. Landscapes, familiar objects and smiling faces have a soothing effect, whilst abstract art could increase blood pressure levels.

As well as boosting morale, artwork has be seen as a great way to boost corporate identity. Since the 1980’s, a number of large corporates have been collecting art for a range of reasons. This includes financial needs, a senior members’ passion for art and as a way to intellectually stimulate the workforce (Swengly, 2004).

Art work in the office does not need to be restricted to a single painting or sculpture. We’ve seen various companies and creative organisations coming together to collaborate on art installations in offices, becoming a part of the interior. One of the most popular examples are the Google offices. In one office, a Graffiti word search has been sprayed over walls, envisaged by creative art and design studio Acrylicize. Mexican based corporate San Pablo Groups offices saw a renovation that includes an integration of a number of creative designs throughout, including geometric shapes, colourful screens and artistic images.

As office furniture and interiors continue to explore changing trends and functions, creative and attractive interiors inspired by art and design are becoming an increasing norm. Whether this is a painting or entire wall installation, we’re sure there is a piece of art work close by as you read this.


Image: IBM Corporate Art Panels, Phil Manker.

Source: Flickr.