With the amount of time people spend at the workplace, workplace design has evolved and we are seeing more and more companies taking a more creative and individual approach towards office interior design.

The trend has come along way and we are now moving away from the expression ‘office’. The workplace has become a more attractive and enjoyable environment for staff, bringing life to a somewhat passive surrounding. Here, we bring our pick of FIVE workplaces who have used wood to add creativity and imaginative flair to walls, floors and even ceilings.

1. Red Bull Head Quarters, Amsterdam

Built on the site of a previous port and shipbuilding factory, Red Bull’s Netherlands head quarters are a creative expression of what the company aims to encourage; open thinking and unbound creativity. They have kept a bare finish to the original structure of the large factory by installing a large wooden platform. This platform divides the massive space into levels, acting as a ceiling for the lower level, and additional spaces above. The open plan structure is enhanced with wooden pods and meeting hubs and wooden desks and dining furniture. The wooded addition is a clever play on levels and lighting throughout. The overall very edgy and raw aesthetic creates an urban street-scape type environment. These elements immediately associate the workspaces to the nature of free-flowing thinking the company wants to encourage.



2. Comodo, Hong Kong

Based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the offices for this furniture design company use wood in a very simple yet creative way. The designer wanted to base the interior spaces of this office on landscapes, and linking people with their internal landscapes. By using natural wood for the creation of platforms, partitions and furniture, the wood converts an otherwise white and black interior into a dynamic workplace. The wooden panels have been used in their basic form, but placed thoughtfully and creatively to maintain an open plan office layout with both private and public areas. The wood has been used to enhance the overall interior space taking it back to nature, creating a comfortable working environment in the midst of the hectic bustling city.



3. Assemble Studio, Melbourne

The Melbourne offices of Assemble Studio, an architecture, design and property envelopment consultancy has a dynamic wooden ceiling installation. The wooden panels are pine and made of a collection of triangle patterns repeated in loose reminiscence of origami shapes. Creating an aesthetically beautiful addition to this otherwise passive space, the ceiling has functional properties as well. The panels conceal ducts, pipes, air vents, air-conditioning units, smoke alarms, fire alarms and also work to increase the acoustic nature of the space. The use of pine furnishings complements the standard glass and concrete look.



4. Hybrid Office, Los Angeles

The home for a creative media agency, aptly titled the Hybrid office, is an agglomeration of pre-existing architectural structures and objects linked together to create a new hybrid interior element. A large arena type seating area doubles as a library. A row of tables have been combined like a row of terraced housed, complete with roof to become house-table. The other hybrids include mountain-offices and tree-chair. Made with veneered plywood and white painted fibreboard, each standard element that makes up the entire office space has been given a new twist. This imaginative thinking adds an attractive element for the creative people working there and encourages them to think outside the box, similarly to the immediately surrounding environment.



5. Chelsea Workspace, London

This striking workspace is actually a home office based in the Chelsea area for a private personal investment advisor. The creative studio behind the design used prefabricated CNC milled birch plywood ribs over each element of the office. This includes the desk, storage units, electronic devises like the printer and also concealments for wires and cables. Lighting recesses have been included too. The ribs are organically shaped around the furniture and an extra feature has been included for the owner; horizontal spacers in the shape of the world map that can be used to map out travels. This workplace makes working from home seriously appealing, especially to have such an unconventional environment at home that encourages productivity and helps to eliminate distractions.