The Vitra Workplace: ‘The Future of the Office’?



Presenting a showcase of interactive spaces to represent various ideas, formations and projects, this unconventional showroom space is the new Virta Workplace. based at the Vitra headquarters in  Germany, the space came together through collaboration by London-based Swiss architect Pernilla Ohrsted, office designer Jonathan Olivares and graphic designer Harsh Patel. The “experimental lab” is the latest endeavour by the Swiss manufacturer in exploration of the ideas behind the future workplace.

Key form of the Workplace

Vitra showroom3 workplace spaceist blog

A large spacious and bright interior, the Vitra Workplace showroom has been formed with a selection of realistic workplace arrangements to demonstrate multiple layout styles and options for a wide selection of contemporary office furniture. A combination of formal desk spaces to breakout zones have been specially designed to give a realistic impression of how various products can be coordinated to create the modern workplace. The space includes four specific workplace zones; breakout, meeting/conference, private workstation and communal workstation. Each has been presented through a variety of design options to offer inspiration. Alongside task furniture and workstations, the spaces present stylised features including semi-permeable drapes and an alignment of images depicting various office designs.

Practical solutions through design

Vitra workplace showroom Spaceist blog

Vitra is constantly exploring ideas surrounding the office of the future and this is another example of one such way to tackle this. The elements presented at the Workplace showroom align this idea to offer an interactive experience where it is possible to explore, test and analysis ideas in the design and concept stage. Alongside the products, visitors are presented with the classic features of a showroom; fabric and material library, a reference library, and a café. Visitors are encouraged to interactive with the space to trial ideas and form solutions, opening up a wide range of interesting solutions and outcomes.

Vitra showroom4 workplace spaceist blog

This Workplace showroom, alike many of Vitra’s endeavours, is a modern concept that has been executed with a modest and practical style. The essence of the showroom presents an active environment for designing and creating office interior spaces and forming ideas that can be tried and tested before implementation. A concept that can be easily recreated elsewhere, this experimental space offers some indications on how to tackle challenges facing modern workplace design.

All Images credit to Vitra.