The FX Awards: Recognising the cream of the crop in interior design



Recognising design excellence from around the world, the 17th installment of the FX Awards took place last week, presenting awards for interiors, lighting and products and also a range of awards recognising new and outstanding talent. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the award winners and the interior projects that have been selected. 

Award for Workplace environment: Fold 7, London

1a Fold 7 office refurbishment by Paul Crofts studio FX awards interior design winner spaceist blog postImage Credit: Hufton and Crow

The offices for Fold 7 have featured on our blog before, and it is no surprise that it took the award for Workplace environment. The elements that really bring the offices of Fold 7 together is the clever creation of a new level through a custom built structure integrating seating for an additional seating spaces. The rich tones of blue and the warm wood add a relaxing and playful element, whilst the simple style gives it a mature and professional feel. The overall workplace is well devised, forming a smart look that offers effective working spaces.

Award for Hotel: Tuve, Hong Kong

1aTUVE Hotel by Design Systems Hong Kong fx awards winner 2105 interior design spaceist blog postImage credit: Matteo Carcelli

Through the use of standard materials, the team at Design Studio have gone on to explore surface treatments to achieve an abstract finish the Tuve hotel in Hong Kong. The combination of concrete, galvanised steel, brass, oak and wired glass along with clever lighting sequences forms shadows, creating a visual feast of patterns and shapes. The sophistication with which the project has been developed really brings out the key elements in these raw materials with such an effortless style, it is a great example of thinking outside the box and merging art with architecture.

Award for Public, Leisure or Office: Odos Series: Urban Furniture

1a odos slimconcrete furniture scod architecs design fx awards winner spaceist blog post 2015Image Credit: Scob

With the use of a new material, Slimconcrete, Scob Architecture and Design have creating the Odos seating range. Inspired by school canteens, the curved elements of the Odos form a suitable solution for public spaces, workplaces or educational spaces, creating a focal point to meet for social and work collaborations. The highly curved shape of the tools and table is possible due to the evolution of UHPC concrete; through a combination of superior properties, it is possible to create these detailed and complex forms. Both practice and attractive, the Odos can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is stronger than regular concrete.

Award for Public Sector: Psychology Department, University of Westminster, London

1a west min uni psychology department london spaceist fx awards interior design 2015Image Credit: Rock Townsend

Taking inspiration from a sleek laboratory interior, the new facility for the Psychology Department at the University of Westminster presents a sharp and modern space for both students and staff. The designers, Rock Townsend, wanted to form a sterile environment with an enhanced appeal of openness between the entire space. With private offices dotted on one side, central spaces include seating configurations to encourage collaboration and group meetings. This practical educational space offers a natural juxtaposition with the features offered by the grey, rough concrete ceiling and pillars and the bold white spaces below it.

Award for Bar/Restaurant: Yuan at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

1a Yuan restarant dubai atlantis interior award fxImage Credit: Atlantic The Palm

Recreating strong Chinese interiors in the middle east without seeming cliche is not a straight forward task, however the winner for Bar/Restaurant was won respectively by Steve Leung Designers for the interiors on the first fine-dining Chinese restaurant in Dubai. A charming combination of blue fabrics, dark wood and elegant spot lighting to create an ambiance within this large dining room space. A raised platform with integrated lighting creates a dynamic space with high-back chairs for added privacy. The combination of traditional Chinese patterns merged with contemporary lighting and materials together forms a dramatic and rich interior.