The Edge table range: versatile & customisable options for any space


The key to an adaptable product for contract interior spaces, alongside providing a highly durable quality, is the flexibility and the range of multifaceted options it presents. From cafe spaces to areas in the workplace such as breakout areas, meeting rooms to workstations, it requires a certain type of table that is adaptable to the functions of a range of spaces. The Edge table range is one such product that comes with a variety of choices from colours to base finishes, providing a simple solution to choosing long lasting furniture with a modern characteristic finish.



A range of customisable choices:

The Edge table comes with a 40mm laminate top made from contract-grade ABS with round curved corners. The structure and design of the table top encompasses two distinctive qualities; support in the case of high impact and the option of customising its appearance by selecting different top and edge colours.



spaceist edge square green base table



The shape of the table gives it a soft and charming look, whilst the thick ABS table top is lightweight enough to be easily moved around. The table top comes with two options to mix and match the colours of the Formica laminate; choose from either white or over 100 colour choices and a selection of over 20 edge colours.



spaceist anno chair edge round table



As well as the top, the base options allow plenty of room for customisation. The smaller size table top comes with a trumpet shape base that presents adequate support on a single rod, whilst the double rod base comes with either a round disc base or T-shape base. Further base options also include a four-legged chrome base and a highly functioning folding base with castors.
Application options:



For a cafe setting, the Edge table comes in two cafe-size tables; a 75 cm x 75 cm option and a 140 x 75 cm choice. For a cosy café setting, this is an ideal choice as it is both economical for smaller projects or where a larger quantity is required. The modest form means any style of seating can be coordinated, such as the Catifa cafe chair, shown in the image.



spaceist edge square green edge table



To suit a canteen setting, a longer table option is also available with a full length of 300 x 75 cm. Suitable for a workplace canteen, school college canteen or sixth form common room, the selection of over 100 colours means it is possible to customise the final look to colour match for branding. One of the projects where the Edge table was selected for the canteen was at Weatherhead School. It provided the necessary balance with an all white colour scheme to contrast against the bright chairs.



Spaciest Edge canteen table weatherhead school



As well as a table for use in hospitality, the Edge table comes with a range of options that renders it for office use and within a task based environment. From the range of base options possible, choose the T-shape base and add extras that include a privacy screen and support for managing power cables. The Edge office desk is ideal for creating a single person work station with desk sizes that range from 120 cm to 180 cm, plus further sizes available upon request for specific projects.



spaceist edge white orange office desk



For the flexible space, whether it is a school sixth form area with dual use as a study and dining area or a workplace with minimal space for ad hoc working/meeting, the Edge folding table is ideal. With a wide range of table sizes from 140 cm up to 180 cm, the folding function means it can be easily stored away when not in use and even stacked where space is a key constraint. The caster base makes it easy to manoeuvre the table for use as required, complemented by the lightweight yet highly vigorous table top. Together with the selection of colourful table tops, the Edge table presents a vibrant and practical choice for a number of uses and applications.



spaceist edge folding table castors orange3



spaceist edge folding table castors orange



The above is only four of the ways the Edge table can be applied to a new space to enhance its use. An economical and adaptive choice, get in touch now to see how it can become a part of your next project.






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