Taking a break from the conventional seating style can be quite refreshing and add some appeal if done well. Here, we have a look at our pick of ten very unconventional and slightly wacky chairs and seating creations.

1. Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera gives the executive leather chair a new meaning with the Octopus Chair. Created to resemble an octopus in all its glory, this chair would require a very large office. The striking black adds to the fascinating structure and really gives it an edge. Next time you’re shopping for an executive chair that makes a bold statement, look no further.


2. Honey-pop chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

Taking inspiration from a Chinese paper lantern, the Honey-pop chair by Tokujin Yoshioka definitely takes paper to a whole new level. Created entirely from sheets of glassine paper that has been folded in concertina style, its structure resembles a honeycomb structure, hence the name. The structure of the folds makes the chair light and strong enough for someone to sit on, as was done by the designer to create an impression. Sitting on the Honey-pop chair is akin to sitting on virtually nothing.


3. Bloom chair by Kenneth Cobonpue

Another designer inspired by nature, but in a more poetic way, is Kenneth Cobonpue and the Bloom chair. The chair represents a blooming flower created out of hundreds of fine micro fibre stitches that run out from a centre ‘bud’. Available in the three primary colours, the Bloom will definitely add a sense of nature to any space instantly.


4. Millipede bar chair by Michael Samoriz

The inspiration for unconventional objects stems largely from the natural world. Michael Samoriz’s Millipede bar chair is a cross between a jellyfish and the multiple legs of a millipede. Mixing realism with a sci-fi edge, the bar stool comes complete with an armrest and backrest. Ranging in numerous colours, this is a bar stool that guarantees to bring cyberpunk to any bar.


5. Afro chair by Yangsoo Pyo

We are not too sure how comfortable the Afro chair by Yangsoo Pyo actually is, but the designer does guarantee it won’t snag your favourite stockings or knitwear. Made with two ring-binder springs that are wrapped together, it is obvious this afro hair inspired seat would add some bounce to any reception area.




6. T Chair by Gabriel Cañas

Looking at the T chair by Gabriel Canas, it is clear he was going for a playful and fun concept. His inspiration is taken from 80’s puzzle games and comprises of five pieces of fibreglass shapes that require the user to assemble. The chair is spontaneous and will definitely excite any puzzle lover.


7. Orchid by Christian Flindt

Another designer taking inspiration from mother nature is Christian Flindt with the Orchid chair. A fibreglass polished seat, the design is a modern reflection of the orchid. The form seems like you can sit in a number of positions, including with one leg tucked into the chair. How comfortable that would be, we cannot say but definitely a seat that would intrigue any onlooker to take a seat on the Orchid chair.


8. Zig-Zagga by Luca Veneri

Curves and a strikingly unconventional style, this ultra modern chair designed by Luca Veneri demands some attention. Created from Corian, the seat is a simple and stylish curved chair created for function and aesthetic beauty in any room it occupies. A range of colours combined with the striking white gloss brings it up to date if looking for something distinctively individual.


9. Erotic Stool by Salli-Ann Mathews

Although the stool was created as a conceptual piece to provoke social ideas around exploring sexual identity and vulnerability, the Erotic stool by Salli-Ann Mathews is beautifully made. The experimental idea was to see its relation to where it is placed and how it affects the perceptions of the stool. This would be different if it were somewhere intimate, or on public display at an exhibition. Charmingly challenging social awkwardness, we leave your imagination to place the stool in its ideal location.


10. Funnel Chair by Scott Jarvie

A unique manufacturing process involves rotational moulding that creates two pieces together that are cut apart to create a single Funnel chair. A curious form, the chair, by Scott Jarvie is a reflection of the designers creative thinking to step away from conventional form and bring us something unique.