As you enter any office building or public building, the first impressions will be set from the reception area. This sets the tone for the rest of the interior spaces, and the principle style of the organisation. We have taken a look at ten inspiring reception desks that have been able to reflect the interior style of the rest of the building and the company.

Yelp! HQ, USA: This has to be the most fun reception desk idea on our top ten. Guests to the Yelp! Headquarters are welcomed by a sweet-shop style counter. The entire lobby space has been created in this same fashion, clearer making this a warm and charming way to welcome guests. The vintage cash register is for display only and none of the sweets are on sale, but guests are more then welcome to help themselves.

Prestige Group, North Cyprus: According to the designers, this sculptural reception desk has been made to represent the sweeping Besparmak Mountains in North Cyprus. The mountains stand for their historic and enduring qualities, the same base of reputation held by the Prestige Group. The desk has been made from 92 individual pieces of MDF connected together by tubes.

ON HQ, Mexico: The simple design of this Mexico City based company is striking for a number of reasons, including the large surfaces of stone and metal used throughout. Most of the furniture has been custom made, especially the reception desk. The welcoming desk, made from metal sheeting and black Emperador marble is very humble, with the colours and textures giving it an edge. The calm and unassuming design of the lobby is perfectly complemented by the mood created through the use of lighting.

Ebay office, Istanbul: This office for Ebay is based largely on emphasising an open plan layout throughout. The reception area has also been created keeping in line with this design. A large impressive pergola created with natural wood welcomes guests into the office. They are led through this inviting space directly to the reception desk. Although this  reception desk is very simple the addition of the pergola adds definition to the space, with a semi-permeable gaps allowing vision to fall through into the office spaces around.

Vopak NL, Netherlands: an international storage firm specialising in liquid chemicals and oil, the Vopak NL offices are inspired greatly by its core local business. The inspiration for the  reception desks has been taken from the local harbour and designed in reference to the large storage tanks used for the oils and chemicals.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Germany: Guests to the PwC Frankfurt offices are created by an alien-inspired reception counter with a duel function. With one side functioning as the reception desk, the other side functions as a cafe/bar. The white glossy structure is moulded from highly polished fibre glass with an intricate web-like backdrop separating the two sides of the desk.

Pride And Glory Interactive HQ, Poland: Based in a former cable factory, the Pride And Glory interactive headquarters have been designed in tribute to the rich history of this industrial part of Poland. This is reflected immediately by the reception desk that has been made of reclaimed  wood obtained from the demolition of a 100 year old home. Simple but raw, the desk is a welcoming point highlighting the influence of the historic site evident through the rest of the office.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Thailand: Another fun, energetic and charismatic office reception desk on our list is from the Bangkok offices of Saatchi & Saatchi. Reminiscent of a bus, the long white desk is equipped with its own wheels and is in line with the casual and informal style of the rest of the office.

Museum of London Docklands, UK: Based in a Grade I listed building, the reception desk created for the partial renovations for the Museum of London Docklands features a large distinct white desk placed in the centre of the lobby, in a curved form. What stands out about this reception desk is that rather thens design a desk to go with the aged timber, the designers choose ad ensign that would contrast it. The timber against the white only highlights the rich wooden tones.

Klick Health, Canada: This has to be the most futuristic reception desk on our list. The large band raised and tilted to one side has been created from tapered stainless steel to create this stunning feature desk. This was to create a fluid open reception counter, whilst maintaining its core function. It has been designed in line with a vey openminded and amusing nature of the rest of the building interior.