Meeting rooms

April 21, 2016

Robust & versatile Plastic: 5 meeting room chairs for the modern workplace

    The first designer to use plastic or polypropylene for furniture was Robin Day with the ‘Polyprop’ chair; a stackable and highly versatile chair still being made and sold around the world today. Polypropylene chairs present a range of…
January 5, 2016

Introduce Swedish design into the meeting room with these Six chairs

When selecting meeting room chairs, it is vital the choices made are pleasing to the eye and interior design of the office, as well as offering the necessary support and function for busy and demanding workplaces. As well as working…
October 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: Sophisticated meeting room furniture for Agency Inc.

Here at Spaceist, we see no project as too small or too big for our team to tackle, who present a thorough knowledge of each of our product ranges from office to education. Today we take a look into our…
June 5, 2015

Four ways to counter limitations: meeting room spaces

Working with various clients allows us here at Spaceist to align the special requirements of each project with the most suitable furniture. Factors such as spatial limitations, a variety of budgets and other interior features play an important decider for…
May 27, 2015

Five applications with five meeting room tables

Collaboration, flexibility and teamwork are key buzzwords in the workplace. The meeting room and meeting space has become a key tool in creating a base to work from, adding multiple functions for heightened workplace efficiency. We have taken five different…
March 13, 2015

8 Modern meeting room chairs to get you Talking

A vital part of working in teams and groups is communication. Meetings, however they hamper a busy schedule are a vital part of any organisation. To create a space that is both comfortable and practical, selecting the adequate furnishing can…
January 12, 2015
Ark round meeting table with oak leg

Curved Appeal: Seven Round Meeting Tables

Part of our versatile meeting room furniture range includes a wide selection of meeting room tables to meet different interior styles. With a wide range of sizes from as small as 70 cm diameter or as big as 300 cm…
October 1, 2014


Its always great to find smart and innovative new products that could further encourage team building, creative thinking and collaboration. This smart dry-erase system was spotted on Kickstarter and definitely stood out for its brilliant design properties. The mc squares…
September 29, 2014


Meeting rooms allow for face-to-face discussions, conferences, and team-building. They need to function for flexible and multiple use and still be comfortable for pro-longed use. Here, we present a pick of seven creative and inspiring meeting rooms.   Heavybit Industries,…
September 29, 2014


It is essential to understand how much space is required for a well designed meeting room. Here, we present space allocation guidelines founded through studies to help create sufficient meeting room space. Along with space requirements, we include some data…