Canteen tables

February 12, 2016

Exploring versatile solutions with the Soft Bench set

  Here we focus on one key product line that has been designed to withstand daily wear and provide a suitable option for spaces that foresees high volume use; the Soft Bench set. When choosing furniture options for a space…
February 1, 2016

One Table, Four ways to style: Ark table range

  This week we have a look at a range of table products that offer flexibility and versatility for use in workplace, education or café and restaurant settings. The first range we explore is the Ark table range, which includes…
December 18, 2015

Product of the week: Jura round table

Designing and manufacturing furniture for nearly 20 years now, the Jura table is another example of the invitingly original design by JB and now available as part of our canteen table ranges. Sustaining the signature design style that defines each…
March 11, 2015

Spaceist presents Five Inspirational ideas for a Workplace Canteen

The key to a workplace canteen lies in the functionality of the space and the levels of comfort that can be accommodated. Creating a space where staff can socialise, rejuvenate and take a relaxing lunch break are vital part of…
February 12, 2015

Product of the day – JB-Osprey canteen table and benches

With over 100 hard wearing, stain resistant laminate colours to choose from, the JB-Osprey canteen table is a stylishly well functioning canteen table. With 6, 8 and 10 seater sizes available, the table is ideal for staff and school canteens.…
December 4, 2014

Furnishing a Flexible Canteen space for Guilford College Students and Staff

Spaceist created a furniture package to be supplied for a refurbished food zone at Guildford College, Surrey. The space is used by students and staff as both a dining area and recreation space. Considering the informality of the space, it…
November 26, 2014

Amazon gets Comfortable: Soft Canteen Furniture for Rugeley

The worlds largest online retailer, Amazon approached Spaceist to supply canteen furniture for its warehouse facility in Rugeley, Staffordshire. Covering the area of nearly 9 football pitches, the warehouse was built in 2012 in the site of a previous coal…