Spotlight on chairs: Six portable and stackable options for flexible interiors



A highly functioning chair does not necessary have to be a compromise on attractive aesthetic qualities. A mobile chair is formed to work well in various environments and present efficient options for portability and storage. We present a guide on six sophisticated and modern chairs that can be used around the workplace, café or restaurant and offer a stackable option through a seemingly fluid design.

Frankie chair

spaceist fankie stacking meeting chair

A meeting room chair does not need to seem boring or passive, as the Frankie chair highlights. Taking its design inspiration rom 1920s fashion and Lindy Hop dance legend Frankie Manning, this chair is both stylish and highly functioning. Although it may seem dense, the slim frame of the chair is made from powder coated steel and offers lightweight yet highly robust support meaning the chair can be easily stacked up to 3 chairs high. An upholstered seat and back rest have also been kept minimal to allow the chair to retain its slender frame.

Inga chair

spaceist inga oak white cafe chair76

The appeal of a solid wooden chair is highly attractive yet can be weighty, of high-cost, and many times not very mobile. In order to counter this challenge, the Inga chair is the ideal option. Manufactured for contract use, this economical chair is a combination of a curved plywood seat and solid metal base. The plywood seat comes in a range of finishes including natural, bleached or black stained oak, so retaining the essence of a wood-chair look. The slim metal rod base legs offer a lighter composition making the chair easy to move and stackable up to 8 chairs high.

Malmo wood chair

spaceist malmo black ash cafe chair 16

If your project demands a more traditional wooden chair, the Malmo presents modern aesthetics combined with a classic chair style. This is achieved through the use of solid wood for the main frame and a plywood seat to accompany. This combination ensures the chair retains its durable qualities whilst presenting a more manageable and portable option within a commercial space. The rear base legs have been designed to tilt a few degrees outwards allowing the wooden seat option to be stacked with ease.

Volt chair

spaceist volt red blue cafe chair

A vibrant and colourful option is the Volt chair, which has been produced through an innovative method to achieve a seamless finish. The polypropylene has been put through a process of injection air gas moulding so there are no visible joints. This is then reinforced with fibreglass really giving it added durability and protection against UV damage, making it a long-lasting choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The seamless composition also benefits the form as it makes the chair stackable up to 13 chairs high.

Duna chairs

spaceist duna staff breakout chairs

Similarly to the Volt chair, the Duna offers elegance with its simple form. The seat is formed from a single polyethylene shell making up the seat, backrest and armrest allowing the user to really sink into the chair. The retro style is both attractive and ideal for use in multiple interiors. Along with the slender chrome base legs, the Duna is a lightweight and mobile option for application in cafés, restaurants and more.

Catifa chair

spaceist catifa black sled chairs

A range that includes a wide selection of base options, the Catifa sled base version presents some of the key characteristics of the entire range along with added feature to stack it up to 10 chairs high. Through a combination of polypropylene seat and chrome sled base, this highly robust and modern option makes a suitable choice for meeting rooms and conference rooms where space may be limited or calls for a flexible option.