Grain appeal: Spaceist picks Five wooden desks



Ideal for creating a warm and attractive environment, wood can be used to enhance the comfort of staff within the workplace. its natural qualities range from a hard-wearing composition to beautiful grain formations that defines the characteristics of each type of wood. A classic favourite includes oak, as well as walnut. Here, we have put together a selection of Five desks from our collection of office desks to present an outline on the choice of wood desks we offer and how wood can add to the modern appeal of a workplace.

OT bench desk

spaceist ot height adjustable desk

The table top for the OT bench desk comes with the option for an oak or walnut finish. Ideal for a smart office look, the OT desk comes in a bare form that offers simple appeal. The frame comes in a pale grey colour with square section legs that offer a versatile option of configurations and make it possible to create single or multiple desk alignments. The added functions, including a diving screen and cable management make this a highly practical option that is suitable for creating a smart office interior within an economical budget.

Tre Oak Desk

Tre desk oak constrast wooden desks spaceist blogpost

Oak, a durable timber wood is highly popular for its robust qualities. the Tre long panel desk, shown here in the oak version is an ideal wooden desk option where various sizes and formats can be combined to create the necessary layout required. Coming in sizes up to 360 cm, plus bespoke sizes, the Tre long panel desk features a very classic look with modern alterations. Mix up the wooden surfaces with a contrasting side storage bench or under desk storage units. The wooden finishes allow numerous possibilities for creating an attractive look. 

Frame Walnut desk

Frame walnut desk wooden desks Spaceist blogpost collage

The Frame desk takes its name from the distinctive modern form of  the frame-like shape of the base. A look that instantly creates a very neat and smart appearance within any workplace, the walnut desk-top is what really makes it stand out. The warm walnut wood creates an attractive contrast to a solid laminate colour top, whilst the minimal base makes it possible to create a clean and clutter free desk space. With various sizes and options available including a bench desk, the Frame desk some with perspex screen options and integrated cable management. 

Forty5 Oak desk

45 Forty5 Spaceist bench desk blogpost collage

Designed to very particular detail, the Forty5 desk represents a slightly higher design quality compared to the Tre bench desk. Each desk is finished with a 45 degree angle edging that really gives it an acutely smart appearance. The stunning finish of the oak or teak options are both finished for damage against high-impact due to the engineered wood composition. Create large bench desk layouts for bigger spaces or double desks with integrated cable management and perspex screens. 

XL Oak desk

XL oak desk wood spaceist blogpost collage

The final pick of wooden desks is the XL oak desk, with a bleached melamine finish. The desk offers various elements that are discreetly fixed into the design creating clutter-free cable management options. Tracks on the desk-top allow straightforward application of dividing screens and other table-top accessories to customise the workstation accordingly. As well as single desks, it comes with the option of a bench style desk arrangement allowing large formations to be created for various projects.