Solid Details: Six Concrete Creations



Gone are the days when concrete was only applied for construction. From lighting to furniture, concrete is even being used for jewellery. Affordable, low-maintenance, and easily available, concrete is a versatile material that has become the choice material for many designers. Having explored a range of concrete interiors, here we present a smaller scale use of the material and look a pick of items from furniture to accessories made from the grey cement.

The Chair: Muskoka Chair by Hard Goods

Muskoka chair concrete HardCopy spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Hard Goods

Inspired by the Adirondack chair that was designed by Thomas Lee in 1903, designer and founder of creative design firm Hard Goods, Brandon Gore created a modern and very alternative garden chair. The Muskoka chair is a combination of high-engineered compost concrete seat that rests on a robust steel base, finished with a wax coating for added protection. The sleek lines and clean design are both distinctive characteristics of Gore’s style to emphasise the original form of the Adirondack chair seen reflected in the design of the Muskoka chair. The concrete adds the ultimate effect that differentiates this from the original, which was made from wood.


The Table: CS 1 Table by Astfrei

Astfrei CS1 Coffee Side Table spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Astfrei

If you really want a statement piece crafted from concrete, then the CS 1 table is for you. Made from a combination of materials including concrete, copper and solid wood, Swedish designer Mathias Hintermann explores a very futuristic form of furniture. The collective appearance of a combination of these materials presents a highly abstract table, particularly as the shape is unconventional too. The large concrete base combined with the shiny copper leg really makes it stand out with an elegance that would be fitting for a contemporary and chic apartment or hotel.


The Lamp: Bullet Collection by Itai Bar-On & Oded Webman

Bullet Collection by Itai Bar On Oded Webman spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Itai Bar-On & Oded Webman

Presenting multiple application is the Bullet Collection of lamps. Created through a collaboration fo two design studios, Itai Bar-On and Oded Webman, each Bullet lamp can be placed on a table, suspended from the ceiling or even placed on the floor. Manufactured through a concrete cast, the lamps are completed with a shaded front panel that allows the light to be diffused and not sharp. The thick concrete body of the Bullet lamps mean it protects any surfaces against over-heating and therefore an ideal option for using in various spaces and multiple ways. Plus, it’s a simple and modest design that would match a number of interior styles.


The Accessory: KAST Concrete Knobs by Grey Hensey

concrete KAST knobs spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Grey Hensey

If you are meticulous about detail then the Kast Concrete Knobs by Grey Hensey are for you. The collection includes a range of cast concrete knobs that comes in pairs. They are suitable for using on furniture doors making it possible to enhance a space without too much hassle. With a variety of designs available, the sturdy door knobs are easy to apply and will last for a long time. The mixture of patterns, especially the geometric shapes are highly appealing and great for hotel decor, café spaces, storage units, cabinet draws and much more.


The Stationary: Tiny City desk organisers from Triple Living

Tiny City Concrete accessories tripledesign spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Triple Living

Desktop stationary and organisers come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of shapes and adventurous options for creative types. One of our favourites is the Tiny City range. As the name denotes, the range includes small architectural shapes for storing stationary and organising your workstation with attractive little buildings and miniature structures. An added bonus is that the Tiny City desk organisers are made from a combination of concrete and silicon, meaning they are soft yet durable. The concrete adds to the rough texture of the shapes whilst the silicon makes them pliable and unbreakable.


The Decorative element: Concrete Lace by Doreen Westphal Studio

1a concretelacebydoreenwstudio spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Doreen Westphal Studio

A stunning and highly attractive feature that seemingly takes away the otherwise harsh characteristics of concrete are these Concrete Lace strips. Crafted by moulding concrete lace patterns into tiles and then casting these with aluminium wire, the simple patterns offers a delicacy usually offered by lace through the use of an unconventional output. Designed by Doreen Westphal Studio, the intricate patterns create an attractive illusion and are great for creating semi-permeable walls and divisions in large spaces, such as a hotel lobby, office space, showroom or restaurant.