Sitting Ergonomics: What Research says about Motion Seating



According to a range of research from over the years, the deteriorating effects of prolonged sitting are not unknown. Research at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in the Netherlands to Chiropractic Research has shown the benefits of increasing pelvic and lower back movement to help improve posture and reduce back and shoulder tension. Suitable for use in short to medium periods, motion chairs and stool help break up the inactive postures adopted at the desk throughout the day. Here we have taken a pick of FIVE such stools to help you introduce some sitting movement at your desk.


THE ONGO Classic by ONGO

ONGO Classic ongo

Dedicated to the moving chair, ONGO produce an exclusive range of stools. With the aid of the based curved, the seat moves according to how the uses motions. A small ball has been built into on a track in the base provide the user a sign that they are moving in the right direction to maximise better body posture and enhance inner strength. Available in a wide range of colours and height options, this is a fun and highly functioning motion seat ideal for the office desk, meeting rooms and even available for the home.


Sway by Girsberger

Sway Girsberger

Designed by Burkhard Vogtherr for Girsberger, the Sway is a rocking stool with a range of options included. The seat can be height adjusted for sitting or for support at a standing desk. Unlike the other stool on this list, the Sway moves from the neck up and not the base allowing a more controlled motion. The simple design is great for modern offices and comes in a range of bright colour options.



zanziswing REXITE

With a gas-lift height adjustable function, the Zanzi Swing offers a versatile option in motion seating. The seat swings to a considerable distance and is easy to adjust for using at a standing desk. Designed by Raul Barbieri, the Zanzi Swing comes in a range of colours and allows the user a greater form of flexibility at the desk.


Ballo by Humanscale


Recently making a debut at Orgatec 2014, the Ballo stool is the only short-term motion seat. Designed with a highly creative flair by Don Chadwick, the seat encourages active movement. The stool helps in reducing inactivity during the day by placing more emphasis on physical low-level balancing. This stool is great for breakout spaces and meeting spaces with a difference.