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The demand for height adjustable desks in the UK is steadily increasing as employers have a greater understanding of the benefits and employee well-being is being given the importance it deserves. However, the benefits of using a height adjustable desk must not be missed through poor practice, Wayne Baxter of Herman Miller explains more:

“You can have a great chair, but we don’t promote sitting all day,” says Wayne Baxter of Herman Miller. “And you can have a great sit-to-stand desk, but we don’t promote standing all day. It’s the mixture of all the postures that makes the body happy.”

You can watch more of Herman Miller’s advice here, including their feedback that working in this way doesn’t always come easily, moving between working in a sitting and then standing position takes practice. Your effort is likely to be rewarded; sitting time can be reduced by up to 60% which results in over 78% of workers being more likely to report a pain-free day than those using static workstations and an astounding 87% of workers using height adjustable desks reported increased vigour and energy throughout the day.

Here at Spaceist we have a number of height adjustable desks for you to select from including our Forty5 Adjustable Desk.



spaceist 45 white height adjustable desks

Forty5 Adjustable Desks are available in single and double versions in 3 lengths and 2 depths. The desks maintain their modesty panel when they are manually adjusted using a crank handle and can be raised from 64cm to 85cm high. The two pairs of desks on the double version can move independently. Forty5 Adjustable Desks are available in white, light grey, black, oak and teak.

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