This year marked the 12th year London saw designers, makers and design lovers flock to the capital for another great display of new products and inspiration during London Design Festival. With venues all over the city showcasing designers from the UK and beyond, we have bought you a selection of seven favourites from the annual design event.

Temper Studio: With a range of products all made in England, the Beam Desk especially stood out. Created from a custom-cast concrete beam, hardened glass and British sycamore wood, the table is a stunning piece of british design and manufacturing throughout.

In Space: An innovative company presenting emerging designers and products created with the use of modern design-making practises. They presented stunning 3D printed frames and jewellery inspired by our natural environment.

Steve Kenward: The photographer presented a collection of images he took on his journey around the UK to highlight the talented crafts people still making relevant items still used today. The stunning collection reminds of the many skills still established around the country.

Foldablity: This year Foldability joins with a pleating specialist company originating back to 1925. Alongside her skills in folding, Katy presented a beautiful range of products bringing back the dying processes of pleating, previously a flourishing manufacturing process in the UK.

Fanatic House: The Voltage coat stand stood out as a very fun and charming modern piece that would definitely become a focal point in any domestic interior. The structure has been created from lightweight powder coated steel.

Douglas Pullman: By using methods of joining without the need for nails, screws or glue, Pullman presents a simple yet sturdy furniture range created with clever joining precision. Each piece is held together with the use of simple shapes locked in place with a metal brace.

Marlene Huissoud: Through a delicate method of deconstructing a silkworm cocoon and turning the extracted fibres into a new material; Wooden Leather, Marlene presents a new, strong and beautiful material. The wooden leather is suitable for furnishings and surface design, composed of natural occurring super glue from the cocoon and hardened by adding a final varnish.

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