School Furniture Buying Guide – Beyond the Classroom

School Furniture Buying Guide - Beyond the Classroom
Are there standards for classroom furniture?

Are there standards for classroom furniture?

The regulations and advisory standards for classroom furniture are well known by educational procurement teams and school furniture suppliers and it’s important to keep them in mind when purchasing classroom desks, chairs and tables for use by children.

What do the advisory standards cover?

What do the advisory standards cover?

The standards cover the sizes of school classroom furniture, specifically chair seat heights and table heights for different age groups, a logical idea given that a six year old and a sixteen year old will have very different ergonomic requirements.

What are ergonomics?
  • What are ergonomics?

    Simply put, ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. Good ergonomic design allows people to work in or move through a space in comfort and interact with the space or things within it with maximum efficiency.

  • Why do ergonomics matter when purchasing commercial furniture?

    Ergonomically designed school furniture allows people to work in comfort and helps to protect them from injury. It allows people to maintain the most comfortable position to undertake a specific job and work productively.

What other types of furniture are found in schools?

What other types of furniture are found in schools?

School furniture suppliers will advise that educational contract furniture actually encompasses a multitude of designs and uses beyond standard classroom furnishings, from canteen tables to staff room armchairs, to office desks and reception chairs and modular seating for common areas.

Other types of school and college furniture:

Other types of school and college furniture:

  1. Modular furniture

    Usually seen in hard-wearing or vinyl fabrics in a large range of colours, modular pieces come as sofas, chairs, cubes and booths, all designed to furnish rooms flexibly. Most can be rearranged as required.

  2. Canteen furniture

    Long tables, refractory tables or round dining tables, all in easy to clean hard-wearing materials and designed to accommodate diners of different shapes and sizes.

  3. Canteen seating

    Stackable chairs and high or low stools allow for easy clean ups in busy dining areas. Long benches are a popular, space-saving choice paired with long canteen tables. Some benches come adjoined with the table or have folding legs.

  4. Common room and breakout furniture

    This can be a mixture of furniture designed for solo work, group work, relaxation or eating and drinking. Consider booth bench seating with tables, modular cubes or chairs with low tables or even sofas and coffee tables.

  5. Staff room furniture

    Again the furniture in this room needs to accommodate multiple uses. Tables and chairs allow for admin and dining and easy clean surfaces are always appreciated in busy shared spaces. Add a choice of task based and comfortable seating.


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