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School and College Dining Furniture
Why do you need specialist canteen furniture?

Why do you need specialist canteen furniture?

As canteen furniture suppliers we know as well as a place to eat and drink, the canteen is a place to recharge, socialise and maybe even just take a break from the routine of the day. It’s the spot that everyone goes to at some point every day, and consequently can often see more intensive use by large groups of people than any classroom or meeting room.

The lunch bell always brings a rush of hungry faces, with plates and cups slammed onto table tops and all the assorted detritus of a rushed meal scattered across surfaces and floors.

Ask an expert commercial furniture supplier

Ask an expert commercial furniture supplier

Canteen furniture has to be robust. Commercial suppliers specialise in producing tables and chairs for canteens and lunch rooms that are designed to withstand even the toughest environments. From secondary schools to university dorms, having durable, flexible, easy-to-clean furniture which is still bright and comfortable is more than just a requirement, but also a sign of a well-designed space for students and staff to spend their time in.

Modern dining room furniture is available in a wide range of styles, with hundreds of colours to choose from and a range of sizes customizable to your space.

Save space with modular furnishing solutions

Save space with modular furnishing solutions

Modular school furniture is a great solution for making the most of irregularly shaped rooms. Cube seating can be laid out to form long sofas or used individually to provide casual seating arrangements.

Versatility is key, and with a range of colours and upholstery available, bright and fun arrangements to suit any decoration and style are possible, as well as traditional options in wooden and marble finishes for the classic Bistro look.

Create sociable seating with long dining tables

Create sociable seating with long dining tables

For lunchrooms and canteens, longer tables are a tried and tested solution, providing social space and face-to-face contact at mealtimes. Ensure that your canteen tables are durable and manufactured to the highest commercial specifications, with wipe-clean or even antibacterial tabletops for ease of cleaning.

Match them with long benches, individual chairs or even bar stools, making sure that all seating takes the ages and heights of your diners into account. Consider folding and stackable furniture to make clean-up even easier and with the bonus of allowing rooms to be easily repurposed outside of mealtime.


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