Remembering Van Gogh: Glowing Bicycle Path created to mark Artists’ 125th Death Anniversary



Innovative Netherlands-based design firm, Studio Roosegaarde has created a bicycle path taking inspiration from the famous Starry Nights painting by Vinvent van Gogh. The path opened in Eindhoven to connect the Van Gogh heritage sites in Brabant to the rest of the city, ahead of the Van Gogh 2015 International event to mark the 125th year since the artists’ passing.

Created using thousands of twinkling stones, the bicycle path has been decorated with swirls and waves, reminiscent to the famous Starry Night painting. The pebbles are charged throughout the day and at night they give off a magnificent blue and green glow. Head designer Daan Roosegaard has been working with a Smart Highway technology that sees the use of concrete and faux pebbles to create a highway lighting system of the future. His work on this project presents a seamless connection between innovative technology and a poet art installation for everyone to enjoy.

The bicycle path serves not only the Brabant area of the city in commemoration of Van Gogh, but also opens up a new district within the city to enhance its green spaces. The illuminated bicycle path will remain throughout 2015, so there is plenty of time to visit.

(Images: Studio Roosegarde)

Bicycle Path Van Gogh NL