This week, we take a look at a product from the studio of Swedish industrial designer Alexander Lervik, known for his focus on a conceptual style of design that is both accessible and applicable to a wide variety of interior spaces. The product of the week comes from the extensive meeting room tables available here at Spaceist that offer key functional qualities, whilst presenting a desirable array of choices to suit any style of modern workplace. The Madison table range reflects the clean and meticulous detailing that is characteristic of modern Scandinavian design.


spaceist madison white chrome meeting table23
The significant rationale behind the design concept for the Madison range is maintaining a hugely simple table form that can be flat packed without loosing the high grade stability that is necessary once assembled. In order to achieve this, Lervik formulated a design that can be transported efficiently and assembled with ease. The result is a table that can be packed flat during transition without the forfeiting on the durability and quality of its build. The extremely simple and modest form of the Madison table, according to the designer, offers a considerable reduction in transport volumes and an increase in the flexibility of its use. The structure of the base has been designed to accommodate a wide range of table top options, allowing the Madison table to be applied in a wide range of settings from meeting rooms to breakout areas. The T-shaped base remains the same size and shape, whilst the top can be selected in a range of sizes; a key quality in the versatility of its application. Furthermore, the base can be specified in a multitude of finishes from a classic chrome look to a choice of over 60 RAL colours.


spaceist madison white meeting tables 27
A flexible table system, the Madison meeting table fits the requirements of a modern workplace with a large table top size of 240 x 120 cm. Further detailing that complements the sleek appeal of the T-shaped base is the 45 degree edge on the laminate top alongside rounded corners, completing the unmistakable characteristics of the calibre of Scandinavian design. The laminate top comes in white, as shown with other colour options available on request. The size shown sits between 6-8 people respectively, with special sizes also available on request.


spaceist madison closeup large
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