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Based on the design of the 2002 Apollo lounge chair, Patrick Norguet presents an extension to the range to include further seating for bar and restaurant application with the Little Apollo Bar Stool. The original features, a circular seat with the distinct gap in the back, have been maintained and enhanced to bring versatility to the possibilities available with the bar stool version. The Little Apollo Bar stool is our product of the week.


The Apollo lounge chair is somewhat a modern classic. The single shell seat with it’s curved and circular form that does not quite meet at the back, it is a modern lounge chair that exudes composure and a type of balanced geometry with its symmetrical form. Parisian designer Patrick Norguet’s work has become a study of his ongoing interests in creating objects with a certain level of balance and coherent function. Covering the areas of fashion, architecture and product design, he developed the Apollo lounge chair in 2002 and included the new additions in 2004.


The Little Apollo bar stool mirrors the original Apollo chair’s beautifully contoured seat shape with a precisely scaled down form and it does it with a certain poise. The Little Apollo bar stool maintains a similar stature as the original lounge chair with the new features. Pertaining to the modern and clean look of the design a chrome base frame with a slim steel rod structure completes the look of the bar stool version, adding to the simplicity of the overall appearance.


The bar stool comes with an all-over upholstered seat that is available in a variety of fabric or leather shades. Options for the fabric upholstery includes red, orange, blue, green, purple, yellow, black and grey and many more colours. An inviting and ideal for application in hotel bar areas, restaurants and even high design workplace high tables, the Little Apollo Bar stool is one of the gems of modern classical design, refined and bought to offer a whole line of seating styles.


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