Product of the week: Jura round table


Designing and manufacturing furniture for nearly 20 years now, the Jura table is another example of the invitingly original design by JB and now available as part of our canteen table ranges. Sustaining the signature design style that defines each of the JB products we supply, the Jura offers unmatched robust quality along with wide selection of features to customise the table for multiple application.

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From a diameter of 120 cm up to 150cm, the table comes in a range of heights making it ideal for use as a reception table or in canteen areas. The table sustains its lightweight properties due to the special construction of the table that consists of a solid plywood frame, engineered wood laminate top sealed together with a solid wood edging. The Formica laminate top can be customised with a choice of over 100 colours, 24 wood grain laminates, and a range of solid wood edge to match or contrast the top.

The essence of the Jura canteen table range is the versatility and high impact qualities it encompasses and offers a substantially high-quality option for furnishing school and college canteens, common room spaces, office breakout areas and more. The variety of Formica laminate options, from the wide selection of colours to wood laminates, makes it possible to create a matching option for each varying project. Similarly to the other ranges, such the JB Waldo or JB Bosa, the Jura table range is ideal for interior projects that require highly durable specifications. Durable against boiling water, steam, cracking, scratches, stains, colour change in artificial light and cigarette burns, the solid Formica laminate will sustain its original appearance through any of these circumstances.

Further details:
Size: cm 120Ø | 150Ø | + special sizes
Height cm 74 | 100
Top colour over 100 laminate colours
Leg and edge solid oak | solid walnut | solid ash | solid beech | solid maple
Wood Laminate grain options:
woodlamintecolours JB spaceist
Screen Shot 2015 12 18 at 12.37.46

Selection of some of the Formica laminate colour options:

formica colours2 Spaceist