Presenting slimline design style with industrial appeal: the Saka meeting chair


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From Italian design trio Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo, we see another highly functioning seating range that offers the form and support necessary for the workplace environment. Designed to present a lightweight visual effect, the Saka chair achieves the slimline frame and seat design through the choice of materials selected; a robust steel frame and an ergonomic ash plywood seat. Easily moveable around the office, from the meeting room to breakout space or canteen area, the simplicity of the Saka meeting chair is what allows it to adapt to a range of interior styles from modern industrial to contemporary.
Bringing together their individual skills in; meta-design and product development, product design and communication, and the development of industrial products and interior architecture, Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo come together with a unique synergy to present a range of products for the contract market. This includes two previous furniture collections we currently offer; the Malmo and Ark ranges and now includes a third highly stylish and modern seating range, available through Spaceist.

In order to achieve a combined solution for various challenges, Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo have developed their own design methods and processes, which they bring together through shared research and planning, sharing knowledge and experience from a wider spectrum of design.
The Saka chair is yet another example of cohesive design development from the trio who have come together and generated a seating range that presents an intriguingly lightweight form with unassuming ergonomic features. The construction materials chosen for the Saka are a highly sturdy steel frame combined with an ash plywood seat. A powder coated finish further protects the steel frame against daily wear. the ash plywood seat can be selected in a natural finish or stained from a selection of colours or alternatively choose from 10 Cat G fabric upholstery colours. The upholstered seat is ideal the workplace, whether applied in a breakout area or for use in meeting rooms.

The simplicity of the seat frame, with the variation of seat fabrics and optional armrests makes it a contemporary choice for various interior spaces, and not just the workplace. Ideal for education use or hospitality, the Saka chair offers elegance with a hint of industrial design influence that really brings it to touch with current design and interiors trends.






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