Practical Solutions for Vet, Doctor, Dentist Waiting Rooms

spaceist vets waiting room cubes


Selecting the correct furniture for waiting rooms requires consideration of a number of factors and can sometimes be daunting with the great amount of information available. To simplify the process, we have put together the below information to help check off a number of problems. As well as outlining where these problem can lie, we present some solutions for creating a practical and efficient waiting room space. Image shows recent project by Rocket Projects for


Possible Problems:

  • Germs: Most importantly for hygiene purposes, the furniture and its material needs to provide resistance against germs.
  • Cleaning: The furniture should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Staining and marks: The material used should present a certain level of durability against daily wear and spills and marks.
  • Hard wearing: Waiting rooms see high volume occupancy, with people coming and going often 6 days a week. Furniture suited for these spaces needs to be both durable and hard wearing for every day wear and tear.
  • Tight spaces: Small GP’s and Surgeries are often left with awkward and small spaces for seating waiting patients. Furniture needs to fit into these spaces without compromising on space.
  • Matching a brand colour: It is vital the furniture is sturdy and also looks presentable and matches the interior colour palette and brand identity where required.


Solution: Modular Cubes

  • Anti-bacterial coating: Ideal for use in waiting rooms, the coating provides durable resistance to germs.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe with soap and warm water.
  • Anti-stain coating: High-impact material is especially used for high volume spaces for high anti-stain coating properties.
  • Solid Manufacture: With a solid plywood internal frame covered with foam and finished off with high-impact faux-leather for a hard wearing solution throughout.
  • Made to order: Special sizes are easy to cater for with a fully made to order range that will easily fit almost any tight areas and spaces.
  • Wide colour selection: With 84 colours available, select a single or multiple choice of colours and match any branding required.


Designed for high impact areas, the Modular Cube range presents highly flexible options and is well suited for vet, doctor or dentist waiting rooms. The hard-wearing faux leather features anti-stain and anti-bacterial coating. These extra qualities means the material can be easily wiped clean and washed down with warm water. Further flexibility is presented with the wide selection of vinyl colours available to choose from, including a company brand matching colour service also available.

The Modular cubes are all made to order and can be configured to fit according to the space and shape of the areas. They are especially useful for creating specific seating in awkward and tight spaces. The individual units are joint together with a solid metal bracket allowing easy access when required. For additional accessories, a magazine tray and shelf are also available. If required, metal, oak or castor feet can be supplied. For smaller patients, child and toddler seat heights can be provided on request.


Modular Cube price list


spaceist red grey waiting room seating

Booth – red and grey faux-leather

spaceist purple cubes U shape booth

Curved corner booth – purple faux-leather

spaceist vets waiting room cubes

Column seat – green and purple faux-leather

spaceist guildford orange modular cubes

Booth – multi-coloured faux-leather

spaceist grey waiting room seating

Curved corner booth – grey faux-leather

cube sizes shapes 2

cube sizes shapes 3

Modular Cube shapes and sizes


Spaceist vinyl colours

Spectrum faux-leather is coated with Prefix® protected finish designed to be cleaned easily, over and over without showing signs of wear. With Prefixx® protecron it is possible to remove stains that could never be removed before. Common stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off. More difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with active solvents such as nail polish remover without damaging the Prefixx® finish, when following the recommended cleaning instructions. Example colours only, please ask for colour swatches.


Faux leather colour swatches