Open Plan Workspaces Don’t Work!

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Earlier this month Gensler, widely recognized as the world’s leading collaborative design firm, released their UK Workplace Survey 2016 and posed the question: Can we make U.K. office environments work better for everyone?

After surveying a panel based sample of 1200 UK office workers across 11 industries Gensler have been able to gauge the current state of the UK workplace and have been able to uncover opportunities to improve employee performance and experience.
Amongst their findings Gensler unearthed that 8+ million UK workers are being negatively affected by working in poorly designed open plan offices. Dezeen found this to be consistent with Gensler’s US findings and What Workers Want online research who found that only 30% of employees were satisfied with its provision in their offices.



In order to create a workspace which does not stifle creativity and productivity the designer must build a selection of alternative spaces. Spaces can utilise furniture which allows for flexibility and encourage collaboration such as our veritable Osprey>> collection.


Spaceist long canteen and work table

With over 100 hard wearing, stain resistant laminate colours to choose from, the JB-Osprey canteen table is a stylishly well functioning table with 6, 8 and 10 seater sizes available. The solid wood edging in oak, walnut, ash, beech or maple enhances durability. Ideal with two bench seats, upholstered seat pads are also available for comfort. Optional extras include power data points, monitor and cable management.



Importantly areas which allow for privacy should be created, 2014 research carried out by Expert Market showed that over 50% of employees preferred a private office. The Modular High Back Sofa>> allows for semi-open spaces to be created, allowing afor quiet focused work to take place as well as small scale collaboration and private conversation.

Spaceist HIgh back grey modular office sofa 2

Modular high-back is a three seater upholstered sofa designed for office environments. The high sides and back provide the user with privacy from their surroundings, a perfect place for a meetings or talking on the phone. The sofa is available in a wide selection of fabrics.

Gensler conclude that ‘Our data shows that open-plan environments can be just as effective, if not more effective, as more enclosed ones, but on the condition that employees have a range of spaces in which to work more effectively and use them optimally.’

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