Office Storage Buying Guide
Storage – where to start?

Storage – where to start?

There’s a lot more to commercial office storage than filing cabinets, (although we do sell some fantastic filing cabinets). Start by taking stock of your own company’s specific storage needs.

What specific storage do you need?

As well as finding space for traditional files you may need an accessible home for marketing materials and brochures, a secure storage solution for confidential papers, or even just a home for people’s personal possessions.

What are the most popular office filing and storage solutions?

What are the most popular office filing and storage solutions?

1. Under desk pedestals

Popular with employees as each desk gets a dedicated, easy to access space. Locking under-desk storage comes as drawer units, drawers plus filing space and even a wheeled unit with padded top that doubles as a handy stool.

2. Low bookcases

The classic bookcase with shelves is open-fronted to allow free access to books, brochures and files, ideal for things that need to be easily accessible to groups. Tops make handy display space for awards or plants.

3. High bookcases

With extra height that makes optimum use of wall space and increases storage capacity for files, folders and books. Both high and low can have doors for cleaner lines or extra security.

4. High and low lockable cupboards

Ideal for stationery and office supplies, locking office cupboards can be placed against the wall or at the ends of desks. Choose soft-close doors to minimise disturbance in busy work spaces.

5. Room dividers

Make best use of space by using purpose-built shelving units with acoustic backs as room dividers in open plan offices. Desk-end units can connect with desks to create L-shaped work areas.

Which materials to choose?

Which materials to choose?

  • Wooden storage units are available in the classic colours of oak and light oak, popular and on-trend ‘Scandi-style’ ash and a variety of stained finishes.
  • Executive wooden styles will tend to be finished in richer colours like walnut or teak.
  • Wood laminates are tough and easy to clean. Modern laminates come in a wide range of wood or coloured finishes and are a great choice for commercial use.
  • Metal storage comes as classic black, white and greys as well as modern bright colours.
  • Coloured storage and high-gloss units can be crafted from a variety of materials and are perfect for modern, design-led spaces.
Furnishing a commercial space from scratch?

Furnishing a commercial space from scratch?

Consider buying desks and tables from ranges that come with matching storage. Not only will they look great collectively, they’ll be in proportionate sizes and will easily fit together.

Choose storage that matches your existing decor.

Once you’ve identified exactly what your new storage needs to accommodate, it’s time to think styling. The right commercial storage furniture should blend seamlessly with your office design.

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