Noble design for the masses: 4 seating ranges by Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci




Having worked together since their days as Architecture students in the early 1980’s, Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci found they shared a joint passion for products aimed at the end user that offered quality design at an affordable price. Together with friends in 1983, they established the Archivolto design studio, allowing Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci to translate classic materials through innovative manufacturing methods and present modern design products for everyday use. This allowed the studio to focus on developing furniture ranges that were not only designed with function and form in mind but also a robust quality at economical prices. Here at Spaceist, we supply a number of seating ranges from the Archivolto design studio, from meeting chairs to cafe chairs and here are we present our top four; Gliss, Daydream, Intrigo and Volt.



Gliss chair >>
spaceist gliss white cafe chair
With a highly stylish look and robust build, the Gliss chair optimises the reputation of Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci’s design studio Archivolto for maintaining this relationship between quality and price. Made from a multilayer composite plastic, the solid polycarbonate moulded seat comes with a UV resistant surface. As well as a vast range of solid colours, the chair also comes in a translucent finish for creating a retro-inspired look. The chair base is also available in a variety of styles from a lounge chair for reception and breakout areas to a standard height chair for a meeting room style option with sled base and a cafe style option with star-base. As well as a bar stool height option, ash wood base legs can be selected to add a warm feel to the overall appearance of the chair. This is a truly versatile and flexible option that adds high design appeal without a hefty price tag.



Daydream chairs >>
A modest yet highly functioning option, the Daydream chair comes in a flexible polycarbonate seat with a solid high glossy finish. Like many of the other chairs by Dondoli and Pocci, the Daydream chair can be finished with numerous base styles to match its use. Choose from a steel sled base or a 4-leg base but also, a chrome base option which can be stacked. The flexible seat presents an ergonomic shape for the user whilst presenting a durable quality due to the resistance and flexibility of the material. This appealing design makes the chair suitable for any environment and for both indoor and outdoor use.



Volt chair >>
VOLT chair-outdoors-cafe-seating-spaceist
The Volt chair, although inconspicuous in its appearance, has been designed with great attention to detail with fine lines, subtle curves and a robust frame. Made through a process of injection air gas moulding polypropylene that is then reinforced with fibreglass, the single event frame is achieved giving the Volt chair unassuming strength. The added fibreglass coating works to maintain the appearance of the chair’s surface and also allows it to be finished in a range of fresh and modern colours. It is easily stacked and comes in two heights; either 66 cm or 76 cm, the high bar stool variation is ideal for bar areas, both outdoors and in. Highly adaptable for cafés and restaurants, but also the workplace, the chair is also suitable to use outdoors.



Intrigo chair >>
spaceist intrigo cafe chair
As well as a robust structure, the significant element in each of the products by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci is that they never loose sight of presenting good, contemporary design. Each product, from the Volt chair to the Daydream chair has a unique appeal. One of their most distinctive designs is the Intrigo chair. Manufactured from an aluminium die-cast, the seamless combination of lines and curves give it a highly elegant look. The flowing curves of the back and armrest provide optimum comfort whilst the aluminium frame presents a slim and lightweight choice for stacking and can be adapted to use in multiple environments, including outdoors.






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