Meeting the need for well functioning, highly flexible and designer office furniture is the new Hub Bench Desk. Customisable and easy to personalise, the Hub offers a space that can be shaped and used as individually as its user. The Hub provides the possibility to arrange and re-arrange the workstation for flexible working. Use it as a meeting space, a place for brainstorming or private working; the Hub essentially offers limitless possibilities to create a different working space as often as required.

The Hub Bench desk is available in two version; one frame sits at the same height of the table top at 75 cm and the second option is with a 160 cm high frame profile. The tables come with 45° cut-off corners for added smoothness and at a table width of 160 cm. The tables are supplied with a top-access panel featuring 45° cut-off corners to accommodate cable risers in a finish matching the top, and a spacious under-top cable tray. The Hub desk features a 35 x 35 epoxy powder coated metal frame that forms the signature geometric structure of the table system. This enables multiple modules of up to four units to be places in a row, creating a full workstation for collective working, meeting and collaboration. Attention to detail is what clearly adds to the clean design of the desks. The desk is available in white, light grey or lacquered chip board to match or contrast against the white frame. 

The dynamic frame has aesthetic and functioning qualities. Overhead there is support for a shelf with a fabric-covered panel below with the option of fitted LEDs, complete with a built-in switch and dimmer. The frame acts to support accessories and elements to easily customise it and make it an even more attractive space. The Hub comes with a complete range of storage and organisation accessories to further personalise the workspace and play around with its modular features. 

Making its debut at Orgatec 2014, the Hub has already attracted a lot of attention for its creative approach towards work space design. Named the StylePark Product of the week this week, the Hub is definitely the work space for contemporary offices.

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