Its always great to find smart and innovative new products that could further encourage team building, creative thinking and collaboration. This smart dry-erase system was spotted on Kickstarter and definitely stood out for its brilliant design properties.

The mc squares have been designed by Anthony Franco who saw the need for improved collaboration and collective creating thinking. He found a niche in the market and has filled it with the handy mc squares dry-erase system. Each piece is 11″ squared and around one inch thick.

Each block includes a range of accessories:

– A specially made pen and eraser that snap onto the back of each square for portability,
– A mounting bracket allowing you to snap each square onto the wall or combine a large wall of mc squares
– 20 guide templates that are interchangeable according to what you’re writing, sketching or mapping.

The clever magnetic back allows you to stick the mc square onto any magnetic surface with ease. The squares have been designed so you can place a number of brackets together and easily share and sort the mc squares around.

The mc squares really reflect the way workplaces are evolving and new ways of collaboration and meetings are happening. The Kickstarter campaign is still on so if you want to get your hands on a mc square or two, head over to the project page.