Look Up: Eight Inspiring Ceiling Designs



Working with the entire spatial space to create an ambience with design elements such as architectural features and lighting can all contribute to the type of experience an interior space creates. Designers and architects have naturally gone on to use all the spatial surfaces available, including the ceiling to create stunning and attractive features within hotels, restaurants and cafes. Here we have a look at eight imaginative and inspiring ceilings that’ll make you want to look up.


Dream Dairy Farm Restaurant in Chiba, Japan

Dream-Dairy-Farm-Restaurant -Chiba-Japan-

This recently opened restaurant nestled in a wooded farm serves a largely dairy based food menu. Wooden beams cover the whole ceiling and so the designers have taken advantage of this and created three-dimensional white grids that nest together above and between the beams. The affect of this is similar to the canopy in a forest with multiple layers of glossy resin boards fitted to the grids having an affect on the way light falls upon the room. Shadows and subdued lighting effects are created on the walls and floors to enhance the forest-like ambience from the outside within the restaurant.


Happy Panda restaurant in Cumbaya – Ecuador

Happy-Panda-restaurant Ecuador

The existing form of this Chinese eatery in a new shopping centre was long and narrow, meaning the interior design needed to maximise the shape for as many dinners it could hold comfortably. As well as the striking Chinese inspired paintings, the stunning ceiling really stands out. Reminiscent of the roof of traditional Chinese temples, the ceiling has been created from CNC cut plywood and a heavyweight fabric usually used to stiffen suits and dresses called interfacing. A smooth fluidity is created by the ceiling as it dips and rises and dips again creating an illusionary volume in the narrow space.


Chrome Hotel in Kolkatta – India

Chrome-Hotel Kolkatta-India

Unlike the other entries on this list, this entry has been featured as each and every part of this Kolkatta based business hotel features adventurous and creative ceilings. Due to the constraint of having only a 24 m height and with monotonous views outside, the designers were able to address the limitation with a number of features. As you enter you are greeted by a large organic wood and glass sculpture that transforms from the walls onto the ceiling. Within the lobby is another wooden structure guiding guests to a restaurant. Punctured with small insertions that allow the light to spill through, this wooden structure creates a dynamic ceiling and wall effect. The roof level bar also features a distinctive ceiling with fitted LED strips placed among the waves creating another experience each time. This small hotel is packed with inspiring features giving its guests an entire experience with each part of the hotel they visit.


Emperor UA Cinema in Foshan – China

Emperor-UA-Cinemas Foshan-China

The interior ceilings for the entrance and lobby of this cinema features a skylight of scattered shapes and pieces permitting light to fall on the black and white themed interior. Like a scene from a movie, the dimensional pieces creates a movement of flying paper. Mostly triangular pieces, the ceiling is a stunning work of geometry and play with light creating a whole new experience for the cinema-goer.


Tsujita restaurant in Los Angeles

Tsujita-restaurant Los-Angeles

When it comes to Japanese culture and heritage, among many things, the images of Hokusai’s artwork such as the Great Wave come to mind. At this Japanese eatery in LA, a ceiling of clouds have been created with the use of thousands of wooden sticks. Inspired by the Shimane shrine in Japan, wooden sticks of various lengths have been used to create a three-dimensional effect making the clouds visible from any angle. A total of 25,000 wooden sticks were used and placed at calculated distances and heights. The end result can be seen for creating an impressive finish.


Barceló Raval Hotel in Barcelona

Barcelo-Raval-Hotel Barcelona

This hotel features a simple and neutral design on the exterior with a contrasting fun and vibrant interior. It is the ceiling of the main lobby, restaurant and bar areas that stands out as you enter the hotel. The entire ceiling is covered with a roof of cylinder pendants made from white foam. They are not only for aesthetic qualities but also function to absorb sound, an ideal necessity for these busy and high volume areas.


HANA restaurant/bar in Tokyo, Japan

HANA-restaurant-bar Tokyo-Japan

Another Japanese eatery inspired by traditional Japanese art but this time Origami features on this list. Like a single sheet of paper is used to create intricate origami shapes, the ceiling of this high-design restaurant features a large sheet of bent and folded aluminium. The ultra thin sheet spreads across the entire dining area in a fluid form with lighting reflecting to further enhance the effect it has. The highly reflective aluminium sourced from recycled materials takes the form of a large flower, based on the Japanese name of the restaurant, Hana or Flower.


Atlantis Blue seafood restaurant in Hong Kong

Atlantis-Blue-seafood-restaurant Hong-Kong-

As the name suggests, this high quality seafood restaurant takes up the mysterious qualities associated to the legendary island of Atlantis. Themed with blue walls and vintage timber, a stainless steel ceiling creates a reflective effect that gives the illusion of expansion within this low ceiling space. The laser cut pieces have been formed from inspiration taken from underwater movements. With the use of spotlights and clever lighting, reflections and shapes are created on the floors and surfaces adding to the mysterious vibe experienced.