Lighting in the Workplace Part II: Four Inspiring Offices



The importance of natural daylight is highlighted by a study by Jane Henley, chief executive of the World Green Building Council. Amongst other factors, it enhances health, wellbeing, and therefore productivity. Here we present four great examples of recently refurbished office who have used both natural lighting and artificial lighting to create enhanced atmospheres that would be both comfortable and attractive to work in.


TBWA Headquarters, Lisbon, Portugal

TBWA-LISBOA-offices- ColectivArquitectura

The office of this communications agency in Lisbon sees a great use of light fixtures that reflect off the ceiling. This effectively diffuses the light creating an atmospheric environment to work in. To further enhance the distinctively clean design and maximise space, wooden dividers have been used by removing walls. This allows the natural light from the windows to flow throughout the spaces and into the rest of the office. These dividers and a range of blackboards have been given emphasis with the use of spotlights. The design of this small office shows how well lighting can be used in the smaller of offices.


PwC, London, UK

PwC One embankment place

Occupying One Embankment Place, PwC’s London offices feature an impressive and innovative lighting scheme. Large sections of the interior spaces are deprived of natural daylight therefore the lighting needed to provide a sufficient solution. LED fixtures are seen lengthened across he corridor enhancing the space, and uplighting used in other spaces to increase the illusion of ceiling heights. These not only make these spaces seem larger and well lit, but also create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. Other clever features include features include alternating colour temperatures throughout the day to create a comfortable working environment for staff. During the day a cool and sharp lighting tempreture is set and towards the evening this lowers to a less sharp and more mellow temperature for entertaining and social actives.


Uniform, Liverpool, UK


Uniform is a creative agency based in Liverpool who are housed in a flexible and versatile work space. This creative company sits on the top floor of a retail unit, meaning the office benefits from a plentiful array of natural light from the skylights. These have the disadvantage of creating excess glare on computer screens and also creating an uncomfortable working environment. By using slanted panels, the light has been redirected away from falling straight onto work stations.


Eneco Headquarters, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Eneco Headquarters

Based on the outskirts of Rotterdam, this Dutch energy company is situated in a versatile building with a great feature  situated right in the heart of it. The large middle section of the building sees a vast atrium allowing ample daylight through to the either storey of the building. This space has been used on the ground floor as a cafe and breakout spaces and the offices on the other floors also benefitting from the light flowing through from the ceiling.