Keep it Glassy: 7 Sleek Glass Tables and Desks for the Modern Office


Glass is regarded as one of the foremost contemporary materials of the modern world. It allows clear permeability, can be formed in any shape and is recognised for enhancing spatial areas where it is used, whether used internally or externally. Due to these qualities glass is ideal for creating lighter, more visually pleasing spaces that further enhance both the aesthetic appeal of a space, and also a companies’ image (1). Here we present seven glass office desks and meeting tables that would add elegance and create an up-to-date look instantly.


BE Glass Desks

be glass desk spaceist

Practical and stylish, the modest BE glass desks come with angled legs and a surrounding frame style base. These are presented in polished aluminium and are also available in black or white. The BE glass tables are ideal for creating a variety of desk layouts as they come in numerous sizes. The tough glass top comes in a black or red glass if you prefer to add some colour.

Click here for further information: BE Glass desks


Frame glass desks

frame glass desk spaceist

The Frame table comes with a rolling-frame supporting a toughened glass top adding a very elegant finish. As well as clear glass, select a black glass top if looking to creating a striking feature. The Two base legs are available in polished aluminium, as shown but also painted white or black. This desk comes in a multitude of sizes meaning it can be used in a range of spaces.

Click here for further information: Frame Glass desks


Meta oval desk

meta oval desk spaceist

A charming oval version, this Meta executive desk comes with a frosted extra durable toughened glass top. The signature look of the Meta desk is the four leg base frame which appears to sit slightly elevated on solid powder coated steel legs. This offers generous work space making it ideal for the modern executive office.

Click here for further information: Meta glass desks


Segno glass desk

segno glass desk spaceist

The Segno glass desks gives you variety with either an oval top or a rectangular top. Both styles feature a toughened glass top with the option of selecting a sleek black coloured glass. The frame supports the glass top centrally with four polished metal legs available in chrome, aluminium, black or white. The shape allows great leg space and the options to include under desk storage. With a number of sizes available, the Sego glass desk is a versatile option for a range of spaces.

Click here for further information: Segno glass desks


Architec glass Table

architec glasstable spaceist

The Architec glass table brings with it a high level of sophistication. Made with durable thick glass, the table comes with five base colour options and three top glass finishes. Adaptable to create the style of table required, the Architect glass table presents contemporary design at its best. With striking base legs and six size options, a range of variations are possible.

Click here for further information: Architec glass tables


Blade Glass table

blade glass table spaceist

One of our most stylish meeting tables, the Blade glass table represents clean lines and smart contemporary design. A toughened glass top sits on a slim line base and legs. To add further colour, the base comes in a selection of colours from classic black and white to premium colours including yellow, red, purple, and more. Visually stunning, this is one impressive meeting table.

Click here for further information: Blade Glass table


DNA glass meeting Table

dna glass table spaceist

Practical and up to date, the DNA glass meeting table is available in three sizes. The solid metal frame base is finished in a polished aluminium look adding to the contemporary appeal of the table. With data points included upon request, the design presents both form and function together.

Click here for further information: DNA glass tables


1. Kathy Velikov & Julie Janiski, The Benefits of Glass; A Literature Review on the Qualitative Benefits of Glass on Building Occupants, The University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2012.




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