Keep it Down: Ten Creative Acoustic Screens



Now an essential part of any commercial interior from offices, schools, universities and even cafes and restaurants, sound absorption panels and acoustic screens form a vital part of the interior ambience. It has become possible to integrate acoustic screens and panels into these interiors discreetly and to flow with the rest of the room. Here we present a selection of ten well designed, stylish and high functioning sound absorbing panels and acoustic screens.


1 Loop by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Loop Anne KQ acoustic panels

Designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn creates stylish and attractive acoustic panels and screens with wool felt. Folded, shaped and cut by hand, these panels take inspiration from nature and organic shapes and form. To match any interior style, the panels come in a range of patterns and colours.


2 Multifuser DC2 by Vicoustic by Exhibo

Multifuser DC2 by Vicoustic by Exhibo

These bi-dimensionally shaped panels are available in sets of six to create a bold acoustic pattern on walls or ceilings. They are ideal for spaces with high frequency and for clarifying sound in large spaces. Made from EPS, these panels definitely stand out for their contemporary shape.


3 VertiQ® METAL by Rockfon

VertiQ METAL by Rockfon

Made from rock wool and completed with a metal finish, these wall panels have a high sound absorption rating making them adequate for large spaces. As well as a resistance to fire, they are resistant to humidity. On top of these features, they come in a wide choice of colours.


4 Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles by Form Us With Love

colourful hexagon tiles form us with love

Vibrant and colourful, these hexagon wall tiles have been made from sustainable wood fibres mixed with cement and water. They have a high sound absorbency capabilities and function well in small or medium sized spaces. With a range of colours available, you can create a number of shapes according to your interior space.


5 MAPPYCUBIC by Mappy Italia

MAPPYCUBIC by Mappy Italia

With six sound absorption faces, these cubes provide ideal sound absorption in high frequency spaces. They are coated with a fire resistant material and come in a range of customisable colours to match your interior style. These stand out as they can be easily hooked to any ceiling with a hanging kit included.


6  BAUX Träullit by Form Us With Love


Form Us With Love appear again on the list, and this time with the Baux Träullit wall panels. These highly attractive panels have been made from a combination of wood wool, cement and water, creating a moisture resistant material. This makes them highly sound absorbing. Available in six colour themes that can then be interpreted into over 240 different patterns according to the interior style.


7 The Reveal Collection by Plyboo

The Reveal Collection by Plyboo

Craved from a special RealCore technology, these panels have been manufactured from carved and textured bamboo. The layered and textured finish not only looks elegant, but also creates a double sound absorption quality. They come in large height sizes making them ideal for covering whole walls.


8 Ginkgo by Bla Station

79 Customize-Your-Walls-With-Ginkgo-Acoustic-Panels

Taking inspiration from the Japanese Ginkgo tree leaf, these playful modular panels are made from felt polyester. They come in a multitude of colours and are easy to arrange in your desired shape, as the panels are straight forward to mount. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, these panels highly reduce any echoes and ambient noise.


9 BuzziWings by BuzziSpace

buzziwings-tile-by Buzzispace

Made from their own range of BuzziFelt, the BuzziWings offer acoustic solutions for partitioning large spaces. Composed from a range of panels which are joined from the ceiling, they fall down into the space and collectively aid sound diffusion and acoustic noises in offices, schools or universities.


10 Loop by Anya Sebton for abstarcta

sound-absorption-panels-fabric-covering abstracta

Adding stylish form, the Loop acoustic screens are made from a number of fabric pieces threaded in a traditional weaving pattern through metal bars. The shape of the weaving patterns adds to the sound absorption of the screens, blocks sound waves and adds creative style to any office interior space.