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Luxury and luxurious items are usually associated to the fashion industry, with the use of expensive and often rare materials. In an article on is topic in The Independent, fashion journalist Alexander Fury explains how a new type of luxury is coming into play; one that is based on the “expertise” and “intelligence” of designers to create objects that go “beyond the merely material”. With this idea in mind, we take a look at a selection of six products that can add a touch of luxury to any hotel, café, gallery, or workplace interior through their innovative use of technology and designer prowess for current and developing trends.



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spaceist vanity plastic chairs
With the connotations described by Fury in his article, the first product on our list presents this idea with simplicity. The Vanity chair and table range from Stefano Giovannoni is made from a single polycarbonate composition through an innovative manufacturing process. Produced with the use of air-injection moulding technology, instead of gas, the products in the Vanity range are manufactured as single seamless piece, void of any bubbles or irregularities in the final finish. Due to this novel process, it has been possible to include a translucent option to the collection for a stylish and retro look.



spaceist vanity white cafe tables
The Vanity table, with its elemental curved frame shape, is available in two sizes, and can be introduced with matching or contrasting coloured chairs. With an arched backrest and comfortable cushion padded seat available in wool or fabric, the Vanity chair along with the Vanity table can add a touch of glamour in any glamorous hotel café with ease.



Weet brass chair >>

spaceist weet chair brass leg4
Highly favorable for its warmer aesthetic, brass has really made an impression with designers and manufactures, as interiors trend forecaster Victoria Redshaw highlights, brass “is glamorous without being ostentatious” making a popular choice for use in both intimate and now also public places. Introduce modern elegance with the Weet chair with a brass base. The combination of materials creates a sense of timeless appeal; bringing together a classic metal with contemporary café style seating. The curved seat and backrest have been designed to enhance the comfort of the user, whilst the selection of colours and contract-grade fabrics make it possible to apply the chair in any number of interior spaces.



Stockholm Sideboard >>

stockholm sideboard spaceist-blog-post
The devil is in the detail, and it can often be easy to over look storage and sideboards as a fashionable and luxurious item. The Stockholm sideboard does, however change this notion. Designed by Mario Ruiz, the Stockholm sideboard is a product that merges together modern sophistication with precision styling. Each crevice and fascia has been designed to line with a clean and sleek finish with flush doors, detailed paneling and a special top surface finish. The Stockholm sideboard can rest directly on the floor or be supported at height of 134.5 cm with a metal base in a choice of three shades. A selection of oak finishes and stains means it is possible to coordinate the final look to match the interior palette of any style. The finishing touch is the top panel, which comes in a choice of gold, rose gold or bronze to really add a classy and high-design finish.



Trim task chair >>

spaceist id green adjustable task chairs
According to Kate Watson-Smith of the Independent newspaper, buttons on chairs were originally designed to make it uncomfortable for users to sit for too long, and first seen in offices belonging to rich men in the 18th Century. She suggests that the deep back button chairs would discourage unwanted visitors to stay for too long (2011, online). This has changed somewhat, with the variation in chair upholstery and the style of button-back chairs becoming more of an aesthetic detail than an element to discourage the use of a chair. The Trim task chair is an ideal example, with its stylish button backrest and smooth seat, forming both an inviting and attractive option. A selection of modish upholstery shades are available from cognac to poppy red or ice grey. With functioning adjustment features and optional lumbar support, the Trim is both functional and pleasing to the eye.



Corium leather desk >>

spaceist corium leather exeutive desks end view
Compliment the Trim task chair with an executive desk with a difference and introduce chic leather surfaces in a more innovative way with the Corium leather desk. Formed with a robust solid wooden frame, the outer surfaces of the table comes in a choice of over 10 leather colours to choose from. Detailed finishes complete the look with visible stitching that forms an elegant decorative pattern, underlining the quality and crafting of the manufacturing process. The slimness and basic lines instil a sense of sophisticated lightness to the design of the desks and low tables which can be freely combined to create different compositions.






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