Inspiring Interiors: Five Executive Desks for the Private Office



One of the key factors in workplace design is creating a balance between the open plan spaces and an office that caters for more private business and serves the executive members of staff. One of the solutions is the introduction of glass walls that allow a certain level of privacy whilst also forming an open visual element for staff to wonder in. One of the key elements that differnetiates the space in a private office is the nature of the furniture, which usually is more formal with certain elements taken from the rest of the office design. We take a look through the glass doors of five offices and pick five executive desks to inspire your next private office project.

The Statement desk: Salta Properties, Melbourne

Designed to welcome clients, the first impressions when visiting the Salta Properties office is truly one that is remembered. Slick furniture is arranged to provide great views out to the city, with simple interior backdrops like the stunning granite walls. The Executive office desk is a large L-shaped design with a recess section that provides additional storage and surface space. The surround black wooden panelling further heightens the statement look of the desk, whilst offering adequate space for laying out plans and designs for client meetings.

1executive desk office black CEo desk salta workplace design spaceist blog postImage Credit: Peter Clarke/Spaceist

By Spaceist: The CEO desk

With a refined 45 degree edging and 50 mm thick double panels, the CEO desk, shown here in the black variation, offers a clean and statement look for a modern workplace. The design of the CEO desk remains open to alteration, with a choice of side elements to choose from. The options range from a full storage section to additional desk space and desk elements, available in contracting colours for additional impact.

The Scandi-design desk: Venture Capital Firm, San Francisco

A modest design for this investment firm comes from the natural surroundings of the historical building it is based in. With a consistent palette choice of white and wood, a warm and calming atmosphere is created for both staff and visitors. The private office here is a simple and modest space with a practical height-adjustment desk for varying how the user works with ease.

1executive office desk U standing desk design danish spaceist blogpostImage Credit: Paul Dyer/Spaceist

By Spaceist: standing desks

Presenting simple danish design-led style, the U desk is an electrically adjustable, transforming a regular desk into a functioning standing desk in moments. The properties that make it ideal for an executive office is the practical and modest form, with a twin-led base steel frame and new innovative NanoSoft laminate work surface. The material is resistant against scratches and fingerprint marks and holds a certain level of sound absorbency. With electrical height adjustment of up to 126cm, the U-desk offers a slick and stylish solution for a minimalist private office.

Desk for the edgy interior: Geometry Global, Hamburg

With a raw approach to the design of this German office, the emphasis has remained on creating a cosy and home-like feel, with an integration of formal and informal working areas. Down lighting, exposed wires and pipes, and creative seating all creates an industrial like feel, with an air of elegance. The private, executive office continues the style seen throughout the rest of the workplace with hanging wires and lighting over a simple wooden-topped desk.

1executive office desk Meta wood top desk spaceist blog postImage Credit: Andreas Tobaben/Spaceist

By Spaceist: Meta Desk

This highly characterised yet simple wooden desk provides a complete executive office solution with a large 200 cm work surface that appears suspended above the metal base, with its cylindrical legs. A choice of wood melamine top colours offer a modern interpretation of the prestige of executive spaces, whilst the choice of base keeps the style in line with other furnishing options. The Meta comes with a full range of matching elements from storage and additional units making it ideal for creating a uniform private office.

The wood executive desk: Philip Morris offices, Istanbul

The large directors office here is a space designed specifically to match the requirements of the user; a dual functioning space for both working and also meetings. To make the directors office stand out from the remainder of the workplace, the primary use of wood creates an executive feel, with custom build side tables and wooden panelling running along the ceilings and walls. Dedicated spot lighting and a sleek chrome light that sits above the desk adds an elegant touch.

1executive office design forty5desk wood philip morris office design spaceist blog postImage Credit: Gürkan Akay/Spaceist

By Spaceist: Forty5 executive desk

Designed to appear brash and confident, the Forty5 desk presents prominent appeal for an executive office that demands a classy option. The range was created to offer an excellent work dimension and is based on offering a practical solution with full cable management and a selection of finishes. The top and side panels are available in a range of lacquered engineered wood or laminate colours including oak and tweak for prestigious wooden table appeal.

The alternative desk: Flash Entertainment, Abu Dhabi

In order to create a versatile working environment, the designers for this publishing and media company feature creative and unconventional desks that meander around the open plan space in a continuous form. To break away from the open plan arrangement, the private directors office continues the alternative style of desk with a curved designer table. The room is also much darker than the open space, creating a more private and intimate setting in comparison to the brighter and open plan space.

1executive office desks Flash HQ zero desk black workplace spaceist blogpostImage Credit: Giulio Asso/Spaceist

By Spaceist: Zero desk

Designed by Karim Rashid, the Zero executive desk offers an organic form created with the use of moulded polyurethane. It allows the user to sit comfortable within the curved shape, especially if looking for an unconventional desk style that maintains function. A wide base with tail fin body provides a partial modesty screen and the long lozenge like top features a gap for discreetly channelling cables. Choose from three finishes and seven finishes, including a bold black look.