Industry Focus: Interior’s of Five Food and Beverage Workplaces



One of the largest networks of organisations, the food and beverage industry plays a pivotal role in bringing the consumer much of the food and drinks needed for nutrition and energy. The fast paced and ever changing nature of the industry means it is constantly growing and developing. The offices of companies within the food and beverage industry need to accommodate this constant flux of change and growing task force. Here, we present five leading food and beverage companies from around the world and highlight the essential elements that keep their offices stimulating and astute.


Coca-Cola’s Headquarters, London, UK

Coca Cola London offices Spaceistblogpost

World drinks giant Coca-Cola take up their new home in the English capital with a charismatic new office space. Accommodating nearly 300 staff, the building is a 1920’s refitted office building covering 5000 meters squared. With a strong history imbedded in popular culture, the new office takes advantage of a large feature wall to highlight the history of the brand. Through a range of images archiving the companies past, setting a vintage backdrop. Along side a range of open plan work stations and hot desk spaces, the interior spaces includes a wide range of breakout spaces, meeting rooms. Staff can even take advantage of an exterior roof top terrace. The most prominent feature however is the stunning LED drop pendent art piece designed by Stuart Haygarth. Over four-meters high, it hangs over the reception area and first floor space. The new offices are an energetic and bold representation of the brand.

Photography: Nikhilesh Haval


Nando’s Offices, London

Nandos London offices spaceistblogpost

Leading restaurant chain Nando’s recently acquired additional space within their London based offices allowing them to expand. This paved way for a refinement of the current office spaces along with the newer areas that were to be created. The previous office space did not allow enough room to create a large collaborative space for staff to gather and socialise. Taking inspiration from the theme of their restaurents, the offices have been furnished alongside the same principles. African themed art work, natural hues of greens, browns and warm shades and recycled wooden furnishings align the new canteen and breakout spaces. An important element here is the extensive use of reclaimed flooring and furniture, highlighting the positive effects of up-cycling.

Image Credit: Oktra


Nespresso Offices, Stockholm

Nespresso offices stockholm Spaceist blogpost

Operating all over the world, the Nespresso offices in Stockholm play a vital role for the business for the rest of Scandinavia. To accommodate its small but growing team, Nespresso take residency in a 1960’s listed building in the Swedish capital. Taking vital elements already presented in the building, two main areas have been joined by a communal social courtyard style space. Exposed concrete ceilings and walls have been integrated into the urban chic interior style. A range of high design furnishings adds to the bright and sophisticated ambience in each of the three spaces. The central courtyard features the dining and kitchen space, as well as a showroom for inviting clients.

Image Credit: Luca Mara


Nestlé Offices, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nestle offices Ho Chi Mihn city Spaceist blogpost

Nestlé required a larger office the growing work force and made the move to the new offices earlier last year. As well as accommodating a larger number of staff, they wanted a space where most of the equipment from the previous offices could be reused to maintain lower levels of wastage during the transfer. The result is a charming office space with a wide range of informal and interactive spaces along with adequate office desk space and meeting rooms. The office is a reflection of a birds nest, with an extensive use of wood and natural colours. Large murals feature scenic landscapes connecting the internal spaces with the outdoors. This is a cozy and modern office space, highlighting how important it is to consider the adverse effects of office waste and how furniture pieces can be re-used.

Image Credit: ADP Architects


Treasury Wine Estates Headquarters, Melbourne, Australia

Treasury Wine Estates offices oz Spaceist blogpost

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the largest wine company’s in the world, with headquarters based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 100 wineries in Europe, Australia and America, the impressive headquarters houses over 6000 meters squared of office space. The interior scheme represents vast areas for work, meetings, socialising and gathering. With inspiration from the company’s motto “One foot in the Boardroom, one foot in the vineyard”, we see a collection of wine barrels, comfortable and playful seating options, and a great deal of wood and greenery used throughout. Large conference and board rooms with stunning solid reclaimed wood tables create great spaces for team and client presentations. A range of breakout spaces and staff canteen areas allows people to work in a more informal setting. The offices presents a high level of quality task furniture, maintained by a continuous flow of light throughout.


Image Credit: V Arc Architecture