Industry Focus: Five Media and Digital Company’s Office Interiors



The range of work undertaken by a media agency can range from a new product launch to developing a new brand identity. For an industry working on such flexible and constantly developing briefs, the workplace must mirror a place for flexible, ingenious and creative work on a constant basis. Creating a high-tech space that provides comfortable spaces for its staff as well as inviting spaces for clients and visitors, the office space for a media and digital company needs to allow agility with modern commodities. Here, we look at five various media companies and their offices to understand the essential elements that make a fluid workspace within this specific industry.


UKTV, London

UKTV media HQ Spaceist post

The new headquarters for british television channel UKTV is a combination of intriguing spaces composed of a highly technological system allowing a smooth and cohesive working environment. The offices, spread across three floors has a linked staircase that has become a centre piece for the office space. Designed especially for the UKTV offices, this visual attraction flows through the building adding both a visual treat and enhancing the use of the common landings between each floor. The sweeping steps form a spacious platform area that has been supplied with seating pads allowing staff members to take a seat during video presentations on the adjacent video wall. Each space, from the communal working hubs, meeting rooms and the dedicated kitchen and outdoor terrace has been furnished with quirky colours and highly comfortable and durable items. The building is connected on one system allowing people to work in any part of the building where they have WIFi connectivity.

Image Credit: Penson



Framestore Studio Offices, Los Angeles

Framestore offices media agency USA Spaceist blog post

The new office building for American visual effects, production, direction and post direction studio Framestore is a previous fabric-fire retardant warehouse for the airline industry. The new office spaces is made up of a range of elements. A tower standing 50 feet above the main building was previously used to hung treated fabric for drying and is now the main conference room and roof top social space for staff. The interior spaces have been accessorised with items from NYC subways, broken parking meters, business class seats and a range of industrial items. The main work spaces have been furnished with concrete desks, and a stunning polished concrete floor further enhances the elegant appeal of this previous industrial building to meet the high-tech needs of its current occupier.

Image Credit: Art Gray, Brooke McGowan



Essence, London

Essence offices media agency spaceist blogpost

The worlds largest buyer of digital media, Essence takes residency in their new stylish offices based on Oxford Street. Located in a more western part of the city, the interiors denote a more relaxed and casual Shoreditch-inspired atmosphere. The office space presents untreated ceilings exposing ductwork, industrial lighting, pipework and bare concrete floors run through adding a raw and industrial finish. Recreating a very urban-inspired interior, the furnishings have been kept simple and flexible to allow sporadic interactions and informal workstations. A ‘Essentials’ coffee shop with lunch spot allows the staff space to get away from their computers,  socialise and also doubles as an informal meeting zone. The quintessential space presented within the office is a nature themed workspace complete with trees, moss on the walls and grass benches. An ideal spot for a coffee break and a bit of tranquility.

Image Credit: Matthew Beedle



Melty Group, Paris

MeltyGroup office mediaagency spaceist blogpost

Based in the French capital, online media network Melty Group presents a very different workplace design. A company in constant growth, the offices signify this fluidity with an informal and coherent interior style. Presenting a mixture of wooden tables and seating, the office has a 30% area allocated for informal working. In contradiction to the high-technology used throughout the office, this informal space breaks away and adds a comfortable alternative for working. Through the use of light colours with bold colour accents injected into the spaces, the office provides a company-specific interior palette that has been projected in the brands’ other international offices.

Image Credit: Briag Courteaux



OMD UK, London

OMD UK media offices spaceist blogpost

In comparison to the previous case studies, the new offices for award winning media agency OMD UK are situated in a smaller office space, yet takes advantages of its great ground floor location. The design presents a fluid connection between a young and collaborative team and allows each area to flow presenting interconnected office space enjoyed by staff and client visitors. The reception space is open, with large clear doors looking into the main office space. This allows immediate connection to the fast-paced work undertaken by the agency’s staff and a free flow of natural light into the space. A range of vibrant areas have been created to allow staff to work around the office as per their requirements. A café style bar becomes a place for a lunch breaks as well as interactions over coffee and informal meetings, for more focused meetings and conferences, small hubs have been provided as have large communal tables for larger groups. The spaces have visual connectivity making them ideal for large team gathers as well. OMD UK’s workplace is both a physical manifestation of the company’s open-minded and collaborative values presented with charismatic interior furnishings and items.

Image Credit: Rob Wilson