Industry Focus: A look at Fitness brand Headquarters



According to leading market intelligence researcher Mintel, the fitness and gym industry was recorded to be worth around 2.5 million in 2010. High tech gadgets, specialist clothing and footwear and accessories have become vital essentials for getting into shape. Delving into this industry, we have a look at four fitness clothing and accessory brands and their headquarters for inspiration and an insight into the way they work.  


Puma, London

puma office design spaceist blogpost

Image Credit:  Alex Kendrick


Based in the historic sea containers house, the UK headquarters for Puma welcome the full team under one roof. Previously dispersed over several locations, the new office boasts a strong sense of brand culture and innovation bringing the company and its staff together. True to its notoriety for a wide range of running footwear, the floors of each level includes an integrated grey ‘running track’ style texture. The interiors are modern and lavish, with a strong white base and grey, red and wood colour scheme accenting through the furnishings, lighting fixtures and remainder of the floor surfaces. The interior spaces feature a mixture of designer furniture items, whilst offering a highly functioning and collaborative environment for the staff.  


Lululemon Athletica, Vancouver

Lululemon vancouver office design spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Ema Peter Photography


Previously a beverage bottling plant, the offices for yoga clothing brand Lululemon in Vancouver Canada highlights how restrictions can become opportunities through innovative design. The office spaces are a reflection of the brand and the company; bright open spaces, a stunning green wall and a multitude of facilities. Alongside the office spaces, meeting and conference rooms, a specialist staff fitness area has also been integrated. Modest furnishings alongside comfortable and stylish seating in communal areas brings each part of the office space into use. Like this, no corner of the workplace has been neglected but instead enhanced. The meeting rooms have each been named after key yoga forms and words. This is a fresh workplace that truly practices what it preaches. 


Rapha, London

rapha office design spaceist blogpost

 Image Credit: Gareth Gardner


Representing a brand that stands for high energy and top quality design is the headquarters for cycling clothing and accessories brand, Rapha. Based in London, the headquarters mirror the agility and innovation that make this a world class brand. Flexible open plan spaces that can be reconfigured with a simple modular systems, a highly industrial and edgy colour scheme and creative use of images and graphics to reinforce the brand and make up some of the essential features of the office spaces. Staff and visitors can ride their bike via a dedicated ramp directly into the building, with showering and laundry facilities offered upon arrival. This workplace really hones in on the cycling culture and supports it through the stunning design of its HQ.  


Nike, London

Nike london office design spaceist blogpost

 Image Credit: Rosie Lee


Within the fitness apparel workplaces, the London offices of Nike completes our list. Creative illustrations decorate the walls with an individual theme for each floor, whilst the company adheres to sustainable practice and makes formidable the use of a reclaimed materials. The inspiration of the illustrations comes from the long standing history of the company. As a brand, Nike offers an array of high tech products and gadgets, so it is essential the office spaces reflect this. Vibrant colour schemes and highly function spaces featuring modern office seating along with creative and attractive reclaimed furnishings together combine both the brand’s new image and long standing history. This project showcases how bringing together the old and new can be combined with ease to reduce waste and reinforce sustainable practices within modern offices.