Ideal & Inspiring Interiors: Four Charitable Organisations in the UK



Modern, stylish and high-tech offices don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. Being creative with a smaller budget has shown to allow designers to really think outside the box and create great interiors. Here, we look at four such examples of how you can create an inspiring and top end office interior on an economical budget. We present UK based headquarter’s of four charitable organisations with exemplary working environments.


JusGiving HQ, Southwark

JusGiving HQ london

(Image credit: Peldon Rose)


Providing a platform for charities and fundraising, the London headquarters for JusGiving present out of the box design. Keeping to an economical budget, the design of the spaces reflects the companies reputation of transparency and modesty. A standard reception area doesn’t exist and instead an open ‘marketplace’ attracting visitors through the placement of objects around. Simple benches, multiple collaborative spaces with whiteboards, standing desks and moveable stools and a scattering of breakout spaces highlight the casual nature of the design. By providing the main tools for maintaining a basic outline of an office environment, a highly flexible workplace has been created to cate to the individual needs of the organisation and its charities.


Comic Relief, London

Comic-relief HQ london

(Image credit: Phillip Vile)


Distinctively red, the Headquarters for Comic Relief on the Embankment are a noble representation of the organisations charismatic and fun nature. With a low budget, the organisation wanted a refit that allowed the increase in staff numbers and extra room for volunteers during peak times. Through an intelligent use of colour and materials and attentive space planning around the brief, a balance has been struck. The work spaces are highly functioning and economical mixed with comfortable breakout spaces and a resourceful canteen. The design is modest and highly practical.


WWF UK, Woking


(Image credit: Richard Stonehouse)


The interiors of the high tech WWF UK headquarters presents a modest appearance through the extensive use of FSc approved timber throughout. The offices are welcoming and open for visitors to make use of a range of facilities and educational programmes. To garner collaboration and movement around the office a widely open plan system is in place. The main breakout space has been created with integrated dining seating and patio area to encourage people to invest in the local town during lunchtimes. With a more flexible desk system that allows staff to hot desk, the number of work stations has been reducing, creating spacious room.


Cardboard Citizens, London

Cardboard-citizens HQ London
(Image credit: Interabang)


One of the only charity’s in the UK that focuses on working with homeless people and creating professional theathre productions, the offices for Cardboard Citizens plays an optimal role in allowing spaces to rehearse. The new London headquarters represents their modest style towards the nature of work they do. Through the use of locally sourced artists, designs have been drawn directly onto walls and furniture. These enhance creative qualities of each space while reducing the clutter that they would take if they were real. With space playing an important role for the organisation, this allows them to carry out their work with freedom to move around and be flexible with the space they have.