Hotel Not Hotel: A Social Hotel Experience



It is usually quite common when on holiday to arrive at the hotel and spend a large amount of time in the room, unless out and about. At Hotel Not Hotel, the adventurous interiors and clever bedrooms encourage guests to discover and explore the city starting within a novelty hotel environment.

At every turn in the Amsterdam based Hotel Not Hotel, no two rooms or spaces are the same. Designed alongside a group of young designers from Eindhoven’s Design Academy, the hotel interiors are hybrid and fun. Rooms range from theme to theme; small cottages, a converted tram carriage, a crows nest, and even a bookcase that conceals secret rooms. The adventurous interior style creates an artistic environment akin to an exhibition space or gallery.

Hotel not hotel amsterdam 2

The entire spaces outside of the cottages and bedrooms are laid out like a large living room, with seating spaces and areas placed intentionally in-between various rooms and cottages. The rooms have been styled specifically for sleeping and so by creating a large number of communal spaces outside of the bedrooms, guests are invited to interact with one another through social serendipity. The Hotel Not Hotel design reflects the hybrid and changing parts of Amsterdam City making it a centre point to begin exploring by speaking to new people and developing social interactions with other guests.

(Photo Credit: Hotel Not Hotel)