Guide to Modern Office Furniture

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A simple guide on Modern Office Furniture by our in-house furniture designer. The guide will help you decide if modern office furniture is right for your space and what are the design choices you can make.


  • What is Modern Office furniture?
    Up to date, well designed furniture that is aesthetically pleasing. The styling should be simple, clean and often minimal. The colours will normally be white with a mix of brighter colours.


  • Advantages of Modern Office Furniture
    It is usually made with the latest and technically advanced materials giving you the very best functional, durable and long lasting furniture. The green credentials of modern furniture will also more advanced than older types of furniture.


Walnut Veneer Closeup Standing Desk with Screen


  • Why choose modern office furniture?
    Modern furniture will look good for years to come. Choose simple desks, storage and chairs for a long lasting designer feel that will not date anytime soon.


  • Damaged furniture
    With most modern office furniture parts are usually replaceable. Desk tops, drawer fronts and cabinet doors can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.


  • Buying the best you can afford
    The most important thing with any furniture purchase is to buy the best you can afford “buy once”. Buying high quality and well made furniture will look great for years to come and will avoid landfill. If the furniture does not come with a 5 year warranty it is probably not going to last in a busy office environment.


  • Where is the furniture made?
    Always consider where the furniture is made. Furniture made in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Germany is some of the best in the world. To reduce delivery miles always choose furniture as local as possible.


  • Made to your size.
    Most modern office furniture is made to order, you can pick the size and colour so it is fit for purpose. The furniture will then do it’s job properly and will help others to do theirs.



Black Executive Desk Black Meeting Table to Seat 8



Here at Spaceist we are only interested in Modern Office Furniture. We have been supplying modern furniture for over 13 years and both directors have worked within the modern furniture industry for over 20 years.




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