Greening up indoors: Company-wide benefits, according to research



According to a wealth of research from the USA, UK and Europe, the multiple benefits of plants and green spaces for the office are not only limited to workforce wellbeing. From staff productivity, wellbeing and reducing stress, plants are also a cost-effective and attractive addition for any workplace. Here we have a look at these findings and see how workplaces around the world have adopted office greening in their own style.

As well as mental, having a green indoor environment also shows economical gains. According to a study at the University of Washington by the Urban Greening Research group, “…Quality landscaping and vegetation in and around the places where people work and study is a good investment”. Dr. Leonard Perry from the University of Vermont explains how plants work as an incentive for firms as they reduce employee absenteeism by 14%.  Also, a study from Washington State University presented how plants slowly release moisture into the air creating a comfortable humidity level. This additionally helps to regulate indoor  humidity levels reducing damage to moisture-sensitive furnishings that may cause unnecessary costs.

It’s certainly obvious plants also make a space highly attractive, but they can also work adsorb  sound and act as a noise reducer. This inherently, according to research from Oxford University, increases productivity and reduces stress. With stress leading to a number of psychological issues, research out of Washington University has shown the significant benefits from working and being in a green environment.

How they do it: here we present four different styles of creating attractive indoor green spaces that work well.


Small intervention indoor office garden

1. Potted plants and hanging plants: Works well for economical budgets and smaller office spaces. Can be used in all spaces around the office and as room dividers, as shown.


Patch garden indoor office garden

2. Indoor green ‘patch’: from flowers to plants and creative seating arrangements, these vary in size and we even found one with its own office rabbit to inhabit the sandy and green patch.


Green wall vertical indoor office garden-1

3. Vertical garden: A great feature for large vertical surfaces, some of the best examples we came across included large multi-floor height green walls.


Indoor trees indoor office garden

4. Trees: With Google adding a forest feel at the Zurich offices, trees and tree trunks work particularly well in entrances and breakout areas.