Good Food, Great Interiors: Five Impressive Burger Restaurant Interiors



Recently, global fast food chain KFC revealed plans for a more edgy and updated restaurant interior, which they hope to implement to every one of their nationwide stores from next year. The first design they have unveiled is a surprisingly well designed, modern and swanky interior with exposed ceilings, creative graphic design and cool seating. They have been able to interpret a very raw style of independent restaurant look into a traditionally greasy fast-paced food eatery. Taking inspiration from this, we have a look at five burger restaurants that along with good food, present thoughtful interiors.

The Stanford Gourmet Burger Place, Barcelona, Spain

Stanford Gourmet Burger Place Barcelona Spain

The interiors of this spanish burger restaurant have been sourced from recycled materials adding not only a rustic, edgy appeal to the interiors, but also filling it with a wistful atmosphere. The designer has used objects that had been discarded to transform the interior spaces into a 1970’s style restaurant. Working with a small budget, the design team was able to purchase large amounts of items at salvage stores, yet still retain a recurring theme throughout the restaurant.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Bath, UK

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bath UK

Now a large chain of restaurants within the UK, this branch of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen presents diners with a bright, welcoming atmosphere. The main feature is the large copper light boxes all joint together to create a chandelier type centre piece. A selection of colourful booth seating aligns the walls whilst the wood and zinc topped cafe tables and chairs adds a complementary appeal. The copper lighting has been used on the walls as well, which  emphasises the rough stone walls beautifully.


Allstar Burger Restaurent, Texas, USA

Allstar Burger texas usa

A very rural appeal, the Allstar Burger Restaurant in Texas embodies the importance of local farming communities in providing fresh produce to cafes and restaurants such as this one. The tables represent a large butchers block along with large jars filled with wheat stalks to complement the theme. The design is very much inspired by an Americans lifestyle, with images of working people and a large, faded flag on the walls.


The Burger Shed, Sydney, Australia

Burgershed Sydney aus

Another burger restaurant taking its heritage of farming and agriculture to the modern eatery is The Burger Shed in Sydney. With the ‘Shed’ representing hand-crafted, quality agriculture, with bare wooden walls and a simple contemporary design. A symbolic ‘shed-ladder’ hangs on the ceiling, and all the materials used have been striped and used in an original finish. Colourful accents on the chairs and the warmth derived from the wood gives the place a welcoming vibe.


Burger Kitchen Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland

Burger-Kitchen Warsaw poland

Owner and creator of is Warsaw burger joint, Tomen Wozniak wanted to bring into the restaurant a global feel. With an open kitchen, a bar allowing people to pick up a coffee or order take away, and a casual atmosphere all embody Wozniak’s ideas. A slight Parisian feel to the interior is created with the stunning metal ceiling design, brown wooden seating and leather booths. The design is very classical and even though very far away from an american burger joint, the interior style manages to transport you elsewhere.